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TUJJU is a full-service localization company that specializes in helping clients tell their stories. We work with clients in the TV, OTT, film production, game, and advertising industries to create entertaining and effective content. Whether you're looking to create a new movie or develop an entire branding campaign, we can help you.

The Leading of Localization Company, We Bring Quality To Your Screen.

We are the leading South East Asian Localization Company. We deliver the best quality in order to make your content outstanding in any language with cutting-edge technology.

  • As fast as 6 hours

  • 100% no piracy history

  • Specialist in SEA languages

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Fast. Secure. Transparent

Fully cloud based system workflow with large capacities and an always-available dashboard for project management. The cloud infrastructure is ultra secure with multiple security layers to prevent content piracy.

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Client Management Dashboard

Unlimited access to ongoing projects through a dashboard with cutting-edge technologies. The client dashboard is designed to be ultra secure with a seamless experience from uploading, monitoring, and downloading completed projects.

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Instant Quotation

With a maximum 2H quotation, we offer fast-track services with one-on-one service. Our associate will work with you to complete your project from beginning to end. The promising result with experience and expertise

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11+ Language Selection

Films, television, and documents are translated into more than 11 languages by TUJJU's team of more than 1,000 highly qualified translators. By combining AI and NMT technology with human

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40K hours of Capacity

Providing a secure, high-capacity cloud-based solution with unlimited access and a seamless end.

Why Us? and what we provide to you

Get your message to audiences around the world. We ensure that you're able to reach global audiences with the highest quality content translations.

Cloud System

Watermarked films and assets are used in launching projects, and VPN detection and IP tracking are also included.


Neural Machine Translation, Auto Fix, QC Parameter, Spell Checker & Grammar Correction.


Local & Native translators in 6 Countries, and 11+ Languages and unlock 30% more revenue from asset’s localization.


Provide a fair estimate of the cost of your project based on the length of the content material.

Customer testimonials

Proof of Quality

"Excellent teamwork! Despite the limited time available, always complete the project on time."

Akhmad Saefudin

Localization, Vidio

"Working with Tujju has been the best decision for our projects. Competent, fast, and reliable team."


Producer, Pesona Pictures

"We are pleased with Tujju's work, particularly the subtitle service SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing)."

Gupta Gautama

Head of Content. Bioskop Online

"Transparent and detailed throughout the process, with no misunderstandings along the way. Thank you Tujju!"

Raga Atsmara

Distribution Promotion, Visinema

"Very cooperative and helpful in all situations, such as tight deadlines, certain subtitle requests can be well accommodated."


Operation Executive, Prized Production

"A Remarkable piece of work. The staffs are very helpful as well making the project smooth sailing. A repeat project with them in the future is a MUST. No doubt about that."

Fadzil Juniasdi

Content Acquisitions & Operations, Migo

"TUJJU provides a very professional service. Very fast response, and offers excellent service. Highly recommended."


Creative Manager, IDN

"TUJJU have very fast turnaround times with any given project. They can be completed in a matter of days."


International Project Manager, Nexus

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