TUJJU is the world's leading media localization solution with technology-based. We assist clients in the film, television, gaming, new media, and business sectors to ensure that their content is delivered as effectively as possible.

Global Content Localization

TUJJU is a global content localization platform with local cultural understanding to complete your story into any language through subtitling and dubbing

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10K+ Title Project

As we believe that entertainment ought to be a part of daily life. By constantly delivering the greatest results and earning our clients' trust.

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22 Language

With over 1,000 certified translators. Project across 8 countries and still counting

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100+ Clients

Supporting global and local clients succeed in entertainment from TV Cable, OTT platforms, creators, and following other industries that produce content video

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1.2K translator

Provide high-quality subtitling in any language with certified native translators

Company Scale

The technology affects company growth
22 Language coverage
Project accross 8 countries and counting
1200 linguist talent pool


Technology changed the way companies and business work by improving the efficiency.
20,000 Hours of Subtitling every year
1,000 Hours of Dubbing every year

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Trusted by Leading
SEA Entertainment Companies

We support clients such as TV broadcasters, OTTs, film productions, game producers and advertising companies.

Letter from the CEO

I am proud to report that TUJJU has continued to expand its market share and solidify its position as the leading provider of localization services to the media industry in Southeast Asia since 2020.

Thanks to the hard work of our team, we are able to provide our clients with subtitling and dubbing services that utilize the latest technologies and deliver user-friendly, accurate, secure and fast results.

We are confident that we can continue to do so in the future. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and value to our shareholders.

We thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely yours,

Satrya Sjukri

Satrya Sjukri - Chief Executive Officer TUJJU
Our Team


We are experts at localizing media. We see ourselves as visual storytellers through translation. Our team consists of professionals who are experts in their field and share the same passion for providing high-quality, accurate, and fast subtitling and dubbing services to the world.

Roy Simangunsong - Advisor TUJJU
Roy Simangunsong
Surya Sjukri - Chief Of Operation TUJJU
Surya Sjukri
Chief Of Operation
Dimas Habib - Chief Of Technology TUJJU
Dimas Habib
Chief Of Technology
Fadzil - Senior Account Manager TUJJU
Senior Account Manager
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TUJJU is a leading global language translation company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. We serve global multinational corporations and media companies. We leverage leading global talent, resources, artificial intelligence, and technology to ensure our services are premium, polished and pioneering.

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To become the most prominent, sought-after and respected language translation and localization company in the world, serving the largest media entities and behemoths. By leveraging talent and technology to add creative and financial value to media companies and cultural initiatives aiming to penetrate global markets.

Our Values

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Commitment to Excellence

Dedication, Integration, Committed, Respect, Passion, Accountability
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One Soul, One Goal

Collaborative, we are all in empathy
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More Output, Optimum Effort

Do more with less
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Provide Innovation & Solution icon

Provide Innovation & Solution

Critical thinker, think like owner and dedicate to improve
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Astonoshing Customer Service

Customer centric, customer focus and satisfied
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See Things Differently icon

See Things Differently

Creative, innovative, do the impossible
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Stive to be of Value

Value for all
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Customer testimonials

Proof of Quality

"Excellent teamwork! Despite the limited time available, always complete the project on time."

Akhmad Saefudin

Localization, Vidio

"Working with Tujju has been the best decision for our projects. Competent, fast, and reliable team."


Producer, Pesona Pictures

"We are pleased with Tujju's work, particularly the subtitle service SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing)."

Gupta Gautama

Head of Content. Bioskop Online

"Transparent and detailed throughout the process, with no misunderstandings along the way. Thank you Tujju!"

Raga Atsmara

Distribution Promotion, Visinema

"Very cooperative and helpful in all situations, such as tight deadlines, certain subtitle requests can be well accommodated."


Operation Executive, Prized Production

"A Remarkable piece of work. The staffs are very helpful as well making the project smooth sailing. A repeat project with them in the future is a MUST. No doubt about that."

Fadzil Juniasdi

Content Acquisitions & Operations, Migo

"TUJJU provides a very professional service. Very fast response, and offers excellent service. Highly recommended."


Creative Manager, IDN

"TUJJU have very fast turnaround times with any given project. They can be completed in a matter of days."


International Project Manager, Nexus

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