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Become our translator to help people enjoy contents from anywhere in the world without language barrier

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Individuals training for freelancers to gain knowledge for our technology use and check-up language skills.
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Freelancers can choose the project they desire to work on at any time and anywhere.
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Take advantage of the opportunity to receive a continuous flow project on demand.

Manage Assignment and Subtitling
With T-Work and T-Sub

Fully cloud base system workflow. Manage your assignment and Subtitling
with the help auto fix common error, auto QC check, and Neural Machine Translation

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Project management platform for TUJJU freelancers to manage project assignment.

  • Manage assignment
  • T-sub Access
  • Dashboard
  • Invoicing
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Is a cloud-based web application for creating, editing, and syncing video subtitling projects for freelancers.

  • Subtitle Creation Through Video Stream
  • Download Restriction
  • Auto Fix Common Error
  • Client and Employee Review
  • Auto QC check
  • AI and Human Translation
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Proof of Quality

Professional, reliable and excellent communication are just a few takeaways when working with the TUJJU team.
More than happy to be part of the great services they provide


Started working in November 2020 and been a cooperative translator ever since. Tujju has shaped translators to work in a fun, engaging and interactive virtual experience. The training was simple and clear. Excellent on time communication has helped to make the work environment much more pleasant. As a satisfied freelancer, TUJJU is indeed a wonderful experience to explore your writing, copying and translating skills. Thank you!


I can honestly say I love working for TUJJU. It's been fun since day one. Everyone on the team was very nice and helpful.As a freelancer, working for TUJJU allows me to manage my time easier for me to accomplish tasks. While working for TUJJU, I can say that I'm continuously improving my translation skills. It also makes me happy that the translations I've been working on will make a viewer have a better watching experience.I really hope to stay with TUJJU and see it achieve more success in the future!


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Become our translator to help people enjoy contents from anywhere
in the world without language barier
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