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How to join as a Tujju's freelancer?

Please send your application including introduction, CV, and etc. to our email

How long the deadline will take for each project?

The deadline depends on the video duration. Mostly thirty minutes - 1-hour videos will have 24 hours, more than 1-hour videos will have 48 hours and talk shows (or a genre that is complicated to translate) will have 72 hours for the deadlines.

What software that I will work with?

For subtitling, we use 'Subtitle Edit' software to work on the videos, so the texts can be shown directly in the video for maximum quality.

How much is the rate fee?

All depending on the projects, since different projects have different rates.

How's the salary will be transferred?

You will have to request an invoice by 25-28 of each month, and the payment will be processed 30 days after the invoice is requested. For now, we can only do bank transfer.

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