11 Tips for Better Voice Over Indonesia Recording

June 13, 2022

Voice over Indonesia, or voice actors, have a very important role. Whether it's in changing the sound of film languages or giving voice to educational video content or advertisements.

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For those of you who currently need voice over Indonesia to fill in video voices and want to try making it yourself. There are several tips that you can apply so that the recording of the voiceover sounds good.

11 Tips for Voice Over Indonesia Recording for Maximum Results

The following are tips for recording voice over Indonesia so that the results obtained will be as desired and heard clearly.

1. Use the Best Microphone

If you have more than one microphone, try them out one at a time and choose the one that sounds best for your content.

2. Use Appropriate Voice Recorder Filters

There are many voice filters you can use while recording voiceover. such as rocks, pop, jazz filters, and so on. But if you want your voice recordings to sound crisp and clear, we recommend the Pop filter.

3. Add music

Have you ever realized that all video content, whether on television or YouTube, has the addition of music in it? This aims to minimize unwanted sound entering the depths of the voiceover recording.

4. Choose a Silent Room

The next voice over Indonesia recording tip is to choose a place that is quiet and away from crowds. This is so that other sounds do not enter during the recording process. It would be better if you had a special room equipped with soundproofing.

5. As Much As Possible Memorize the Script

If possible, understand the script before the recording process begins. So that later in the recording process there are minimal errors. That way, the time needed in the editing process will be relatively short.

6. Pay Attention to Body Posture

To produce quality sound, posture is very decisive. For this reason, it is recommended to be in a standing position when recording voice over Indonesia. That way, it will be easier for us to regulate our breath.

7. Have Drinks 

During the recording process, to get good results, it will, of course, take hours. This is because we have to repeat the word when it is mispronounced. Therefore, it's best to have a drink nearby just in case you feel thirsty.

8. Adjust the Microphone Distance

In order for Voice Over Indonesia to sound good, it is important for a voice actor to pay attention to the distance between the microphone and the lips. Ideally, the lips and microphone should have a distance of approximately 7–10 centimeter. Therefore, adjust the placement of your microphone so that it is not too close nor too far.

9. Say Every Word Clearly

Make sure to pronounce the words clearly and correctly so that the message from the voiceover that you create reaches and can be understood by listeners. Don't rush into pronouncing a word or sentence.

10. Bookmark Scripts If Necessary

To make it easier for you to determine low and high voices when making voice overs. Feel free to put marks on scripts or scripts. So that later your voiceover sounds natural and easy to understand,

11. Don't Hesitate to Pronounce the Word

The mistake that often occurs when recording voice over is that the voice actor is hesitant to pronounce a sentence. Therefore, try to be confident when pronouncing the word.

Those are 11 tips for recording voice over Indonesia so that they sound better and are maximized. However, if you have followed the tips above but the recording results are still not good enough, you can also use the services of Tujjumedia.com in terms of filling in and recording voiceover. For more details about Tujjumedia's rates and services, you can visit our website by clicking here.

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