5 Benefits of Media localization for Your Movie

June 13, 2022

Localization has been a recent trend in media including the movie. The rise of streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and others makes it possible for people to find movies globally. Technology has made it easy to find foreign movies with one click. Thus, media localization becomes an important aspect in providing movies to fit all audiences. 

Long before the era of streaming platforms, movie and film industries have been adopting media localization to aim at a global audience. For example, the sequel of Harry Potter has been localized to fit the local language and it was a big hit. If you think to localize a movie, here are the 5 benefits that you should know.  

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Reach of the film

Media localization increases the reach of the movie. A movie should be adapted into the local language, whether adding subtitles or dubbing, to be released in a location outside yours. A localized movie will have a better reach audience especially if you aim at certain groups of people such as children and the elderly. Translated a movie provides a better understanding as well as attracts more audiences. 

Build sense familiarity

Watching a movie in the local language builds a sense of familiarity and fun. Unless you are learning a foreign language, watching a translated movie becomes major fun because you know what is happening in the movie. Movie localization also builds a sense of familiarity because the audience can relate to the language. 

Language replacement

Localization includes language replacement. It can be in the form of the subtitle of dubbing depending on the type of movie and target audience. Language replacement provides accurate translation thus people can understand the movie with no hassle. This includes specific translations for slang and unpopular term thus providing video content that is accessible to the global market. 

Target audience

Media localization makes it easy to reach the targeted audience. This is because localization shapes a movie to fit the targeted group. For example for elderly and children audiences, it is best to provide voice-over or dubbing for a movie. These groups of people cannot fast read subtitles hence dubbing becomes the preferred localization method. 

Cultural appropriateness

Localization does not simply translate a movie from one language to another. It includes cultural appropriateness to avoid misunderstanding within audiences. Cultural appropriateness is very important especially if you target a region that holds local culture pride. Failure to fit the local appropriateness will cause your movies to be banned in the region. 

There are two types of media localization for movies which are subtitle and dubbing. The option of which one is the best has been a long-aged debate but it should be based on the targeted audiences and the movie type. Localizing a movie is mandatory if you aim to launch it in a new region outside yours. The best way to localize a movie is by hiring a professional service. Tujjumedia is a professional subtitle and dubbing service for movies and other video content. We have worked on numerous projects to provide the best subtitle and dubbing. 

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