5 Reasons You Should Localize Your Content with Subtitles

June 13, 2022

According to a study, 82% of internet traffic comes from video content. Multimedia content has been increasing significantly as we get accustomed to watching the video. Audio video content has been used to reach more customers and localize content become an important part of the communication strategy. 

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Content localization refers to a method of providing translation for video content in the form of voice-over or subtitles. Comparing the types of localization methods, the subtitle is preferred for various reasons. Here are 5 reasons why you should localize content using subtitles. 


Subtitle provides access for people with certain conditions to watch a video comfortably. The fact is around 5% of the world's population experience hearing loss consisting of adults and children. The subtitle makes it accessible for all people to watch the videos without listening to the sound. 

Not only for people with hearing disabilities but has have subtitles that give access to people who want to watched videos without the sound video in certain places. Some people feel uncomfortable listening to music such as in public place so subtitle helps them understand the video content. 

Better understanding

Adding subtitles provides clarity of technical names, brand names, jargon, and so on. Thus people have a better understanding of the content. According to a study, audiences prefer watching a video with subtitles on since it helps them to understand the content better. Everyone has a different style of learning and putting up subtitles makes sure that everyone receives the core message, regardless of their learning preferences.  

Increase content engagement

Subtitle increases the engagement rate by 40% while 80 percent audiences decline to watch videos or movies until captions or subtitles were available. Incorporating video with text resonates with the audiences. It helps prevent audiences to scroll away and engage with your video without interruptions. 

Widen reach

The truth is not everyone is speaking your language. Providing subtitles gives access to audiences from all over the world to watch your video. It blurs the boundary of nation and language thus videos with subtitles reach wider audiences. You can provide subtitles in English or the local language if the video is aimed at foreign people. The subtitle has widened the scope of the production business and filmmakers to reach people with every foreign language. 

Boost SEO Ranking

Video embedded with subtitle boost the position of the video on search engines. Though the quality of the content becomes a top priority but adding subtitles levels up the search rankings. Take an example from YouTube the second largest search engine after Google that puts videos with correct subtitles in the first place. Social shares also have significant roles in increasing the search ranking. The more people engage with your video will result in better the search engine position. 

Subtitles can be in the form of the original language or translated. The translated subtitle is a method of localizing content that aims in providing translation for people outside the original country. Tujju Media offers subtitle service for any type of video and movie written by professional translators and transcribers. 

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