8 Benefits of Video Transcription & Captioning

June 13, 2022

Video transcription & captioning have many benefits for content or film. For example, someone who has a hearing impairment will understand how a video or film flows with the help of transcriptions and text in a video.

But as a content creator, you must have experienced how long and complicated it can be to add video transcription & captioning. Because you are required to type, correct, put the right text on the sound of the video, and so on. But behind the complexity are various benefits that you will get later.

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8 Benefits of Video Transcription & Captioning

In the following, Tujjumedia.com has summarized eight benefits of video transcription & captioning. Both from the point of view of video content creators and viewers. For a full review, see the following explanation.

1. Helping Hearing-impaired Audiences

According to WHO data, there are around 466 million people, or 5% of the world's total population, who are hearing impaired, meaning that they cannot enjoy your videos without subtitles or text on them.

Likewise for someone who is in a noisy place, such as on public transportation or on the train. They also won't hear the audio clearly in your video. For this reason, it is important that you add transcriptions and text to the videos you make.

2. Increase Audience Understanding

Have you ever watched a video but had trouble understanding the words that were conveyed, even if you used everyday language? This is because a person's understanding of something is different.

There are those who can digest the message given by the video only through the audio. But there are also some people who actually understand if there is text help in it. For this reason, transcription and video text are needed. So that everyone understands the message you want to convey through the content.

3. Makes Learning a New Language Easier

Someone who wants to learn a new language often learns it from films, educational videos, song video clips, and so on. With multiple subtitles, it will be easier for someone to understand the meaning of the foreign language contained in a video.

4. Improve SEO

Because the Google search engine is dominated by text, add transcription & captioning to your content. Later, Google will recommend the content to someone who is doing a search. That way, the chances of your video being seen by people will be even greater. The more viewers who see the content, the higher the income you will get.

5. Increase Audience Engagement

In 2009, PLYmedia researched that adding subtitles to videos increased viewer watch time by up to 40% from the initial 66% without subtitles. This means your video will be more likely to be watched to the end if you add deep subtitles to it.

6. Comply with the Disability and Community Act

Various countries have now enacted laws that require video content to have captions. This is to help residents who have hearing impairments so they can still enjoy the films and video content that are presented. Examples of countries that stipulate these laws are the United States and England.

7. Reduce Concentration Fatigue

With video text, the audience will feel at home for a long time watching the videos that you make. Because the truth is, text is easier for the brain to process than audio. then, with the help of the text, it will reduce the impact of concentration fatigue. So that people will feel at home watching your videos for a long time.

8. Improving Literacy Ability

The last benefit of transcription & captioning is to improve literacy skills. Movies with subtitles can improve literacy skills, especially for children who have difficulty reading.

Those are 8 benefits of video transcription & captioning both for content creators and viewers. If you have difficulty adding video transcription and text, then you can use the services of Tujjumedia.com to do it.

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