Best Netflix Movies September 2022

June 13, 2022

Do you currently want to watch the best Netflix movies? As technology develops, we don't have to bother going to the cinema or other places to watch movies. Because now we just need to sit at home while enjoying movies that are available on various platforms. One example is Netflix.

Netflix itself is a streaming platform that contains many movies and series. Where users can watch movies in various languages as they like.

So, if you're looking for the best Netflix movie recommendations for the month of September, it's a good idea to listen to the following list.

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Recommendations for the Best Netflix Movies in September 2022

Here is a list of the best Netflix movies throughout September that you must watch:

1. Ronaldo (scheduled to air September 1)

It's almost impossible if you don't know Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, the film with the title Ronaldo is a documentary.

This story tells how Ronaldo's actions when he started his career as a football player became famous throughout the world. In addition to telling the intricacies of the early work of this soccer player, Anthony Wonke also immortalizes Ronaldo's life story off the field.

2. Knowing (airs September 1)

For those of you who like sci-fi genre films, you can't miss Knowing. When finding the time capsule, an astrophysics professor suddenly found numbers lined up in the capsule.

Maybe out of curiosity, they researched it until they finally found out that the row of numbers showed a disastrous prediction! Even more surprisingly, apparently in the near future, disaster will happen!

3. The Devil in Ohio (airs September 2)

This time, the third Netflix movie recommendation belongs to the thriller genre. Originating from the US, the film titled "Devil in Ohio" brings a horrific story that makes the heart beat fast!

Where is Dr. Marthis, who works as a psychiatrist and always accommodates girls who run away from strange sects? Unfortunately, this time Dr. Marthis did not know that he had been caught in a major disaster.

4. Ivy + Bean

In the fourth best film row, it seems that parents can breathe a sigh of relief. The reason is that it turns out that Ivy + Bean is a film that adapts stories from children's books.

As described, there are two small children who have been friends for a long time. They have different personalities. Even though it's safe to watch, parents still have to keep an eye on their children while watching Ivy + Bean.

5. Little Women (airs September 3)

Hands up for all you Korean drama lovers! Finally, there is also a drama series from the Ginseng Country. Must be included in the watch list. Little Women tells the life story of three sisters who have to accept the realities of life. Where their fate changed greatly after a feud with a rich family there.

That's the discussion about the list of the best Netflix movies throughout September that you must watch. In addition to the lists above, you can find other series or movies on Netflix with various genres. Starting from romance, horror, to thrillers. Hope this article helps!

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