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June 13, 2022

Netflix has an incredibly high standard when it comes to subtitle and caption. Localization has been an imperative way to make sure that audiences are not only understands the content but also read the text or subtitle in their language. Getting a content hosted in Netflix surely does not easy. The platform has a database on which content to put in the list under tight consideration. To put your film or video running on Netflix, it is only natural to follow the requirements including adding subtitle and caption. 

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Netflix caption requirements

Subtitle and caption is no secondary assets for Netflix. In the world where content knows physical boundaries, providing translation expands the versatility of the content. The following is Netflix caption requirements that all content creators should follow. 

  • Reading speed – the reading speed in Netflix is divided into two groups based on the age. For adults the recommended reading speed is 20 characters per second while for children 17 characters per second. 
  • Character limitation – the characters are limited to 42 characters only per line. 
  • Duration – duration is also called load time which refers to display time for each line. The minimum duration is five-sixth or 5/6 of second per subtitle events and the maximum are 7 seconds per subtitle events. 
  • File format – the subtitle should in TTML1 for all languages with exception of Japanese that should be delivered in IMSC1.1 format. 
  • Glyph list – Glyph list is the nonstandard characters such as currency symbols, numbers, punctuation, and more. it has to follow the Netflix list of accepted glyph. 
  • Positioning – for all languages, subtitle and caption should be centered justified and placed on the bottom of the screen. There are some exceptions for the caption positioning such as Japanese language can be placed vertically. 
  • Currency and brand name – these point does not need to be converted into subtitle or captions but for brand name should be handled carefully since it carries trademarked item. 

What is the best Netflix preferred vendors?

Netflix has a list of preferred vendors called Netflix Preferred Vendor or NPV across the globe. Netflix recommends creators to use NPV to add subtitle or captions since the team stays updated with the latest requirements. However, the NPV may not be located in every country but you can still find some reputable captioning service. 

Choosing Netflix preferred vendors Indonesia

Finding subtitle vendors in Indonesia is not that difficult. The country hosts numerous subtitle vendors with different specialty. Most importantly, subtitle service provides translation for video content and synchronizes it to meet the standard Netflix requirements. 

Tujjumedia is a professional subtitle and caption service for Netflix and other streaming platforms. It hosts numerous translators to translate foreign languages to Indonesia and vice versa. There are around 20 languages that they handle for video content. Not only for the language diversity. Tujjumedia puts accuracy and swift work above everything. You can expect to get a top notch translation that compatible with Netflix Preferred Vendor and others streaming platform requirements for video content. 

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