Between Dubbing and Subtitling Service: Which One is Better?

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June 13, 2022

With the rise of streaming platforms, it is only natural that dubbing and subtitling service comes into demand. Audiences from all over the world demand better ways to understand videos, especially videos presented in a foreign language. Unlimited access to culturally diverse content makes people realize that there are two methods mostly used to interpret videos which are dubbing and subtitling.

The option of dubbing and subtitling is a matter of preference since lots of streaming platforms provide both. However, as a content creator, it is important to know the difference between dubbing and subtitling services and which one is better.

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What is a dubbing service?

Dubbing is the recording of voice actors interpreting the translated version of a video and then synchronizing it with the original video. Dubbing means replacing the original audio. The translation requires profound adaptation to synch with the targeted language, synchronization of the audio and visuals, and also the complexity of the video.

Dubbing pros and cons

Lots of people prefer dubbed videos since there are no distracting words on the screen. They can understand the video better without the hassle to read small texts. Sometimes it can be tough to keep up with the words on the screen, especially for older people. People may even ignore the subtitle or miss the important scene of the video just because they are unable to read the text.

The main setback of dubbing is synchronization. It is difficult to modify the text yet the voice-over actors should strictly follow the scene and the dialogue should match the lip movement of the original actors. In addition, movie dubbing is far more expensive than subtitles since you will need voice talents, recording engineers, and a professional studio.

What is a subtitling service?

Subtitling is adding translated text on the bottom of the screen without removing the original audio. Audiences have presented a video in the original language and they should read the translated text to understand the content.

Many people prefer watching videos with subtitles since it gives the experience of the original tone of the narrator and actors. This makes the audience understand the content of the video better. Some people just feel weird to watch a movie that is not in the original language.

Subtitling pros and cons

Subtitling takes nothing from the film and it also respects the actor. A movie or video content in the original language contains the whole mood. Thus, dubbing over the voice ruins the mood and makes the movie different from the original. Also, movie or video content with subtitles tends to be the standard in streaming platforms.

Which one is better?

The option of which one is better between dubbing and subtitling service depends on some factors. You need to consider the cost, timeframe, target audience preference, and also type of content. Understanding the target audience is the key since each method has its pros and cons. provides both subtitling and dubbing service with loads of benefits. You can trust your project with us and enjoy the services.

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