Create Professional Subtitles with These User-Friendly Subtitling Maker

June 13, 2022

Anyone in the digital industry knows the importance of subtitles these days to reach more audiences. Finding the subtitling maker or tools is easy as there are several choices on the market. However, most of us have no time to explore the tools one by one so asking for a reference is the right thing to do. Creating content is demanding and adding subtitles is a complicated process. Thus, we collect the best 5 subtitling maker and editor tools for you to try. 

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Subly is a user-friendly subtitling tool with a simple interface and a simple editing process. The tool is great to maintain accuracy and offers useful functions such as changing fonts, and sizes, adding a logo, and more. The process is as simple as uploading a video, adding subtitles, and downloading the result in different sizes.

Adobe Premier Pro

If you have been making content for a while, you must be familiar with Adobe Premier Pro. This is the most powerful tool for video editing. The main function of this software is video editing which is the golden standard, but it also offers solid editing subtitle options. Adobe Premier Pro is loved by many for its responsiveness, intuitive interface, and overall feature. 

With the complete features, it can be overwhelming especially for beginners. That is why the software is suitable more for serious video editing such as movies. If you just aim for simple video files, the software sure is too complex. However, the software is perfect when you look for perfection in video subtitles and editing. 


If you think creating subtitles is complicated, you should try Jubler. This is free software with a very basic though very functional subtitle maker. It can be installed in most operating software and supports most subtitle formats with a basic key feature for subtitle editing. The good thing about Jubler is it has a translation mode that allows you to localize the content language.  

Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is software for creating and editing subtitles as well as converting subtitle files. It is open-source software with pretty basic functions. The interface of the software comes in multiple languages with a functional tools such as spelling check, sync, edit, and more. This is the standard function of most subtitle editors however Subtitle Workshop supports various subtitle formats. 


FlexClip offers an auto AI subtitle generator for those who wish to get subtitles easily and quickly. For this software, you do not need to upload the subtitle file because the software generates subtitles from any audio or video from more than 140 languages. This software is web-based with full features you can use such as editing subtitles, changing fonts, text position, colors, and more. 

Though it gets easier to create subtitles using these powerful tools however there is no guarantee of the quality. Chances are you may miss the synchronization or make the wrong spelling due to the complicated process. Working with a professional subtitle-maker agency such as Tujju Media is the right option because you will get professionally made subtitles for any videos. 

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