Definition, Types of Content, and the Role of Media Localization

June 13, 2022

What is the important role of media localization in a global business? Let's see the discussion below to answer this question.

We all know that the difficulty level of disseminating content in multiple languages and cultures is increasing. This is because many competitors have emerged, meaning that market competition is getting tougher.

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Well, that's why the role of media localization is so important when managing content. So, what exactly is this media localization?

Definition of Media Localization

Media localization is a way of adapting content in many different languages, which aims to promote business internationally (overall).

Well, to 'localize' a piece of content may look as simple as translating plain text, but it can also be complicated to allocate on an international scale.

In general, the process of localizing the media is carried out by an experienced translator who is well acquainted with the target audience for the local market.

Various Media Localized 

Below are some of the types of content that are commonly localized by major industries around the world.


As we know, when a film is released, it takes a long time to localize the subtitles. Well, this localization activity must be carried out quickly according to the existing popular wave. That is why media localization is so necessary because it becomes the basic point so that foreign audiences can enjoy the content.

Now, the availability of multiple country subtitle options allows viewers to watch content at the same time. This localization work is not limited to subtitles but also covers sound processing and script copies (post-production).

TV Programs

As we know, television has actually existed for a long time and is still in demand by many people today. All the content on TV is also quite easy to manage according to the desired market share. The television simply translates—also localizes the dubbing into the target language. so that all international audiences can watch the programs that we present.


A quite prominent difference between radio content can be seen from the narrator. Generally, someone who has a distinctive character is the one who reads the text of the radio advertisement. They must be able to process the sound to get the audience's enthusiasm as well as sentimental feelings.

What is the Role of Media Localization?

Media localization has many roles in increasing the level of popularity of local and international content. Here is the full explanation:

1. Role for Domestic

As we explained earlier, if we 'localize' content, then this content can push the business forward in reaching the audience. Especially when local people are the targets.

2. Role for International

In a larger market share that is worldwide, content localization has an important role in attracting consumers who are outside the country of origin. This consumer withdrawal is supported by the addition of a touch of social and cultural characteristics from foreign countries.

Thus the debate over definition, content types, and the role of media localization. We hope the explanation in this article can help!

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