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June 13, 2022

It seems that recently the use of dubbing and subtitling services has continued to increase due to the rapid development of the film industry. In fact, now the variety of film content is not only long but also short video content. These short videos usually come in subtitled or dubbed variations.

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What Is the Difference Between Dubbing and Subtitling Services?

What is the difference between dubbing and subtitling services? Simply put, dubbing is the process of changing the voices of actors in a film into a "localized" language. This form of localization is free from grammatical errors.

Meanwhile, subtitling itself is the process of translating text or dialogue between characters, which will be placed at the bottom of the video. These two forms, dubbing and subtitles, both have the aim of making the audience understand the plot of the film.

3 Features of the Best Dubbing and Subtitling Services

1. Able to Build Social Trust Independently

How do you know if the service is serious about building social trust independently? The answer is to pay attention to how they interact with the general public. This interaction can take the form of anything, for example, by sharing interesting information on social media pages or showing the results of customer testimonials.

However, one thing you need to remember is that the closer we get to the top, the more obstacles there are. This includes the possibility of negative comments on services. However, you should not be in a hurry to be suspicious. Try to see how the service provider responds and takes responsibility for things that are criticizing him.

2. Want to Give a Portfolio

If you need their services, never miss checking out their portfolio. Why is that? Checking the portfolio means that you are adjusting your expectations to the reality that you will face later. This is also where you will find matches. Therefore, do not choose services that do not want to provide their portfolio results. This incident can be an indication that they themselves are not confident in the results.

3. Many Recommend 

As we all know, recommendations can come from anywhere. Whether it's through Google when we surf the internet or when scrolling through social media, However, it's still incomplete if we haven't received recommendations from external sources such as family or friends. Well, if they ever get service from the same company, they will definitely recommend it.

Who is the Trusted Dubbing and Subtitle Service in Indonesia?

After knowing the characteristics of the best dubbing and subtitling services in Indonesia, you will definitely start to find out about and even research the existing services. Well, to shorten the search time, you can directly visit the website, tujjumedia.com.

Tujjumedia.com is one of the few services that comes with high integrity, works professionally, and always follows directions from clients. Tujjumedia has also carried out trusted personal branding while displaying many portfolios on its website pages.

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