How Much Does Dubbing cost in USA and Market Price

June 13, 2022

The dubbing cost becomes an important consideration for anyone looking for the service. Though it is not the first factor to consider it affects the entire production cost. Dubbing is expensive compared to subtitling and other methods. Without ignoring the quality of dubbing, the discussion on price is legit. 

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What is included in the dubbing cost?

The rate of dubbing is decided based on the length of the video and other factors. It is pricey thus you need to know what is included in the dubbing cost. 

Translation – most dubbing aims at providing translation for video in other languages. In this project, translation is inevitable which means the dubbing technician has to translate the script first and then record the new audio over the video. The translation is expensive on its own and dubbing is to add to the list. 

Multiple skills – aside from translation, dubbing includes other essential skills such as audio engineering and captioning. These technical skills are even more expensive because it impacts the quality of the dubbed video. 

Financial implications – audio engineers and translators are basic skills required for dubbing projects. Another factor that affects the dubbing cost is the financial implications. You want to invest in high-quality dubbing for a movie or video that has excellent returns once it hits the market. 

Factors that affect dubbing cost

Translation, audio engineering, and financial implication are not the only standard bar to deciding the cost of dubbing. There are other factors included in the dubbing cost as the following. 

The duration of the dubbing project

As mentioned earlier, the cost of dubbing is measured through the length of the video. The longer duration means the more expensive cost of dubbing. Lengthy projects like movies or documentary series are pricey but some dubbing agent offers a discount package for longer projects. 

Dubbing actors

When you plan to dub a video, you can hire a freelancer or use a dubbing agency. Both options have their good and bad side thus you need to consider the important factors. Though the pricing formula can be quite different and so does the quality. You should not trade quality over cheap price because it is the project that you put at stake. 

Level of Expertise

The level of expertise also affects the price of dubbing. A video for corporate or blockbuster movies requires a higher standard than a video for social media. You may want to invest in the best dubbing agency with diverse skills and expertise. 

The language option

Language is an important factor in the dubbing project. The scarcity of language makes the project even more difficult. It will be very easy to dub videos in a popular language but it can be pricey when few people speak the target language. 

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