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June 13, 2022

If you are enjoying foreign or animated movies, you are supposed to be familiar with the terms in the title above. Dubber and voice actor are two professions which take part in our everyday life, from entertainment to advertising. And yes, basically they are not the same thing and you do not want to be confused.

So, what do these professions do? And how to be proficient in these professions? Make sure you read this article thoroughly.

Let us begin with a definition. Voice acting is the art of delivering character or serving information to an audience. The voice actors/actresses have to control and manipulate their voices in such a way that they can resemble an intended character. Voice acting is often used in the making of films, video games, television shows, cartoons, anime, and commercials that represent animated, off-screen, or unshorn characters.


Dubbing on the other hand is technically a type of voice acting. Although seemingly voice acting and dubbing are similar, they have slight differences. Dubbing as a process is a little more complex. It is more controlled and has more borders in its execution.


Dubbing is voicing over existing content, which is often done in a different language from the original. The idea is to localize the audio of foreign content without changing its message so it could be understood by local viewers.


To dub is to mimic a character or message delivery in the original content and convey it in another language into the available slot in the audio track. Therefore, in the practice, dubbers are tightly time-bound. As a result, they need to be able to fit the translated dialogue into the available timeframe and also match it to the character’s lip movement (video dubbing).


A good dubbing process will result in an illusion that all of the dialogue in the content is spoken in the viewer’s native language. In other words, the output has to sound as natural as possible so that viewers would barely notice the replacement of the original audio track, yet still understand its message.


Dubbing for many companies is the most preferred choice when it comes to adopting content in other languages for it is the most effective way to deliver the content’s message to the audience. The other ways, such as subtitles or UN-style voice-over, are often considered to be distracting audiences from the message.


As you see, voice acting and dubbing are not easy rationing at all. They require a series of skills and talents with rigorous practice. Nonetheless, they can be fun and exciting to do. Here we have conducted a few noteworthy things you need to become a dubber/voice actor.


QualifiedActing Skill

Dubbing/Voice acting requires good vocal character skills, including the dynamics of emotion, intonation, and voice range. Wherefore, these professions need a person to follow a script. The best thing to acquire this skill is to get professionals to help you. Having a good vocal trainer can benefit you in polishing your voice acting skills so you can get to work on your vocal and emotional dynamics and achieve your most authentic vocal character.


Linguistic and Observation Skills

Note that different languages have lots of different nuances. Thus, the knowledge and skill to speak the target native language clearly and fluently are certainly needed. The ability to observe and understand the original content’s context and the message is also crucial for the profession since the message has to be interpreted and delivered clearly without changing its meaning. You can train these skills by doing a lot of reading, taking courses, or joining tutorials.


LipSyncing Skill

Another thing that is required specifically in dubbing is the skill of performing lip sync. Sometimes, sentences in a language could become longer or shorter after being translated into another language. Hence, the dubber must be able to match the translated dialogue to the character’s lip movements in the original video track. This can be done by accustoming yourself t count words in dialogue and measuring how long you need to speak those words.


Practice makes perfect

These skills take a long time to master. To explore characters and emotions and to train your vocals, you need extensive and disciplined practice. You ought to take every chance you got to sharpen your skill. Not to mention, voice acting and dubbing are professions with many enthusiasts. It means you have to try hard to be good at it to get the job. Recording yourself while practicing would come in handy in helping improve your skill.



You should audition as often as possible to gain experience and scout for opportunities. By auditioning frequently, you have opened yourself to wider opportunities. This is the thing you need since you are competing with many people who also hunt for the job. Besides, auditioning can also be a good opportunity to train yourself even better.


You should also apply and submit your demos to as many relevant companies as possible. Remember that the wider the net you cast, the higher the chance you will catch something.


Dubbing and voice acting are two of the critical services in localization companies like TUJJU. If you have got the skill and abilities needed to become a dubber/voice actor and dream of working in a localization company, TUJJU is the one you are looking for. You can become a freelance as a dubber and prove your skill with TUJJU. Contact TUJJU directly and be a part of TUJJU’s great team of dubbers today!

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