How to Choose a Professional Subtitle Company?

June 13, 2022

Video subtitling and captioning are important not only for entertainment purposes but also for any business that uses video as communication or promotional content. Video content is rising and it is essential to attach subtitles for the content so people will easily understand. The subtitling company offers a less-hassle way to add subtitles to video content. Hiring the right subtitling companies makes sure that the process is efficient, accurate, affordable, and scalable.

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Why should choose professional subtitling companies

Many people use automatic software to enclose subtitle, but hiring a professional subtitle company makes the video stand out amongst the crowd. This is because the vendor provides high-quality subtitles with high readability. The software cannot catch the essence of the language as professional service can. This is because the subtitling vendor only uses human-made translations for the video. Thus the subtitle has high readability, easy to understand, and the translation looks natural. In some cases, the subtitle vendor can even improve the SEO of the video content.

1. Best tips to choose professional subtitling companies

Choosing professional subtitling companies can be tough. With the tremendous options, it should be hard to decide which one is best to translate the video. Here are some practical tips to choose subtitling vendors without hassle.

2. Determine your needs

The first step is to determine what you need and the requirement of a subtitling vendor. You can consider the video duration, languages, translated languages, difficult terms in the video, and many more. In addition, you can also make a list of the features that you want from a vendor. For example, you want to work with a vendor which translates video manually and such.

3. Conduct research

Now it is time to research subtitling vendors. You can search through the website of the vendors and third-party reviews platform. Do not forget to read the customer feedback section to get an overview of the service. This is a cost-effective way to get to know professional subtitle vendors and what to expect from them.

4. Make a list of subtitling companies

After conducting research, you surely have a list of subtitling companies in hand. Create the list based on the potential services that match your preferences. If possible, write down the company information and their services so that you can make comparisons easier.

5. Narrow down the choices

Based on the detailed list previously, you can narrow down the choices and choose the best one. Now that you have gathered information on each subtitling vendor you can decide which one has the best service for the video. You can strikethrough vendors that do not match your preferences so you will have fewer options.

Finding subtitling companies can be complicated but with the right steps, you can find the one that truly matches your preference. offers a subtitling service for any video, film, and other content in more than 20 languages. Having been the leading subtitling service in South East Asia, has translated more than 4K projects, making them the ideal companion for adding subtitles or dubbing for your video content.

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