How To Choose Dubbing Vendors

June 13, 2022

Dubbing vendor is very important in post-production. Whether it be a presentation, podcast or radio production, tv production, movies, and theater, they all need dubbing vendors. Since it’s important to your project, you need to know how to choose the right one.

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1. Determine Male or Female Dubber

This first step of how to choose a dubbing vendor is to determine which one is the better, male or female voice.  Experts have divided conclusions on which is better and the result still depends. Some experts say the female voice is more soothing. On the other hand, a male voice is more commanding.

But, to choose which one is better, you need to look at your audience. Do a thorough analysis of your audience demographic and social culture. Then you will know the best way to communicate with them. More importantly, you will be able to choose which voice is suitable.

2. Set Your Goal

This step is pivotal because the message is the thing you want to deliver. You want your message to be understood by your audience. So, you need to determine your message first. Is it branding, increasing sales, campaigns, or delivering information?

So, by knowing your goal, you will be able to choose which dubbing vendor is suitable for you. Furthermore, you need to inform this goal to the vendor so they can come up with the right solution for your business.

3. Take A Look At Your Budget

When you have the winner, it is fair that you want to recruit them right away. But, before jumping to that part, you need to check your budget. You had better check if the company meets your cost, effectiveness, and more importantly, quality.

The best dubber or talent often requires a high price for their services. If you need their service, then you must prepare the budget. After that, you must analyze the budget and the expected result. Furthermore, you must achieve your goal after using dubber services.

4. Analyze The Speed and Pace

Duration is everything when it comes to dubbing. Since you have a time limit, it is important to review the script. 

So, when you need a dubbing service, make sure that the company provides this service. They will analyze and examine if the artist is able to justify speed and reading.

5. Do A Test For Your Audience

There is no other way to prove you get the right dubber than test it. For example, your product is for the female market aged 35-55 years old. Then, you need that audience to hear the demos. 

A demonstration is important to know if the dubber can deliver the message correctly. And to know if your audience is able to accept it.

You don’t need to test a large audience but use a sample only. Ask a few people or a small group to listen to the dubbing demos. The reaction or result of this test will help you choose which dubbing company is suitable for you.

The conclusion is that dubbing vendors are important for the post-production of movies, presentations, and video projects. Dubber talent helps the audience understand messages in a foreign language to their own language. Try to apply the 5 steps above before choosing the right dubbing company.

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