How to Create Subtitles for a Foreign Language Film

June 13, 2022

Many prefer watching foreign films for various purposes. Subtitle for foreign films has been around for a long time but in recent years it gains more popularity due to accessibility and SEO enhancement. Adding subtitles to a foreign film is a game changer to aim for a wider audience. That is why lots of video production companies include subtitles for every film that can be turned on and off. As important as it is, have you wondered how to create subtitles for a foreign film?

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Why should include a subtitle in a foreign film?

A foreign language subtitle is the text version of a dialogue on a film, usually written at the bottom of the video and is written in another language. The aim to add subtitles is for a non-native speaker to understand the film. One of the top reasons for including subtitles in foreign films is to make them accessible to a global audience. Adding subtitle indeed impacts the number of viewers significantly.

In addition, subtitle makes it possible for all viewers to access the film, including those with hearing disability and those who are unable to turn on the sound of the film. Viewers can still watch the film thanks to the subtitle. Another benefit of subtitles is to maximize searchability on the internet. Subtitle allows the search engine to track your film and recommends it to an audience with similar preferences.

The process of subtitle creation

Most content creators have realized the value of subtitles for foreign films. There are two methods used for subtitle creation which are to machine-made subtitles and human-made subtitles. Despite the methods, here are some basic steps on how to create subtitles for a foreign film.

  • Transcription – the process of making subtitles starts with transcription. This is a time-consuming and challenging process because you have to play, pause, and repeat the process to get the dialogue written.
  • Translating – if you want to localize the film, it is important to provide translated version. Once the transcript is ready, you start the translation process conveniently and precisely.
  • Creating subtitling – you can start creating subtitles for the film in the native language or translated version. Many content creators offer both versions thus audience can choose the subtitle as preferred. To create a subtitle, it is important to use the right tool because you have to synchronize it as well and make sure the timing is perfect.
  • Subtitle optimization – before launching the film, it is important to run some checks. This includes checking the reading speed, subtitle following the video, spelling check, correct translation, and such. If everything is perfect, export the subtitle in the required format.

Creating subtitles is indeed a complicated and time-consuming process. You have to be detail-oriented when creating subtitles for foreign languages so you do not make mistakes. When it is overwhelming, you can just hire a subtitling company such as Tujju Media. The company understands the process of how to create subtitles for foreign languages. You can expect perfect subtitles in foreign language for a film.

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