How to Create Subtitles for a Movie Using Software

June 13, 2022

Subtitle has become an essential element of movies and videos as people prefer to watch a movie with subtitles. Watching a film with subtitles, even in the native language, helps the audience to understand the content better. The subtitle for a film is derived from the characters' dialogue and sometimes includes other movie elements. Adding subtitle for a movie is easier than it seems because there are lots of software that you can use. Here are some simple steps to create subtitles utilizing the software. 

Decide The Software

There are many subtitles to create, each with a different feature. The choice ranges from the most straightforward software to the most advanced and complicated one, which most professionals use. You can decide on the software to create a subtitle that is easy to operate. Once you determine the software, you can explore it to ensure you use the convenient feature for the project. Different software has different characteristics, so you may need to explore them individually to get the most suitable for your needs. 

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Import The Movie

After installing the software on your computer, launch the software to get into the main interface. Then, import the movie that you want to add subtitles to. It is essential to consider that some software may only comprehend specific video formats such as .mp4, .mkv, .wmv, and many more. Ensure the video format is compatible with the software so you can start working on it right after importing. 

Add Subtitles

You can add subtitle for a movie by clicking the subtitle template. Most software already has a subtitle format for the movie. You can choose one that is suitable for the film. When adding subtitles for a movie, choosing the right design, such as color, font choice, and placement, is essential. The font for the subtitle should be easy to read, and the subtitle color should not blend with the movie background because it will be difficult to read. The subtitle should be placed at the bottom of the screen as it does not abrupt the scene. 

Synchronizing The Subtitle

After finishing adding subtitle for a movie, make sure you sync it before saving the movie. The subtitle should appear at the right time and sync well with the dialogue. Ensure the subtitle is in the proper timeline, or it will ruin the audience experience. 

Save The Video

Finally, you can save the movie with the subtitle after checking if everything is well-sync. Before committing to the film, double-check the subtitle for spelling errors and timing. If everything is correct, you can save the video file into the formats of your preference. 

Adding subtitle for a movie is simple. However, you must be super detailed when translating the dialogue into text. If the task is overwhelming, Tujju Media is available to help with subtitle creation for various purposes. 

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