How to Prepare your Subtitles for Localization

June 13, 2022

As we know, it seems that lately there are many subtitle vendors who accept orders for subtitle localization. This is not without reason, because now there are many films that are produced and will be marketed on various streaming services.

Well, for the sake of making consumers satisfied and happy with the results of subtitle localization. Then movie streaming services must provide content with high-quality subtitles, right? In addition, they must also have a list of languages that are suitable for the target country.

However, not always the market likes subtitles. There are times when they prefer dubbed content. Only this time we will discuss how to prepare a good subtitle localization according to regulations.

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6 Ways to Subtitle Localization According to the Rules

Well, so that the results of the subtitle localization are satisfactory and in accordance with the expectations of consumers. It's a good idea to follow the content localization steps below:

1. Place Subtitles

Generally, we will definitely focus on the film in the middle. Therefore, usually all subtitle lines are placed in the middle, slightly below the bottom of the screen to cover it. However, there is one thing to remember, and that is don't let all the screens be invisible because they are covered in subtitles.

2. Words Repeating

The second subtitle localization tip is related to rewording. Never make the mistake of repeating a phrase or word in a translation. This will make the sentence ineffective.

3. Use of Ellipsis

This third point seems to be a fairly common mistake that is often forgotten. Instead, when you find a sentence that "hangs" don't give it an ellipsis. Why so? Because you can only use ellipsis when the end of the sentence is incomplete due to a pause.

4. Rules in Song

Have you ever seen a line of a song appear in the subtitle? Apparently, to deal with them, you need special rules. When finding a song in the content, it is recommended not to close it with a period. On the other hand, the only allowed punctuation marks are question marks and exclamation points. In addition, if the song will continue, give three points.

5. Writing Numbers and Currency

Unlike in fiction writing, where numbers consisting of 1 syllable are written with letters instead of numbers. In the subtitle, the number must be written with a number such as 1, 2, 3, and so on. In addition, the writing of currency does not need to be converted. Because it must follow the currency of the country of origin.

6. Punctuation Rules

Well, the last tip is quite fatal if you do it wrong. So, we can't use double punctuation (like, or?!). Punctuation marks may only appear once unless the ellipsis is three dots. Ellipses are allowed because only 1 character is counted by pressing the dot three times.

Thus the discussion on how to subtitle localization. If we look at it at a glance, it may seem easy, even though there are many "complex" things that are quite difficult to handle. Therefore, instead of dealing with content subtitles, perhaps another alternative, such as using the services of, is the best way.

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