Multimedia Localization: Subtitle and Dubbing Service

June 13, 2022

The basic method to capture wide audiences is to speak in their language. The vast technological development gives people access to any type of content. Providing subtitles or dubbing for foreign audiences is an ideal way to get them hooked up with the content. This makes multimedia localization is important than ever. If you are planning for content localization, here are some reasons why you should use a localization service. 

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Types of multimedia localization

Multimedia localization is divided into four classifications based on the content type. Each type of multimedia serves a different purpose and localization boosts its effectiveness. 

  • Image – images are universal multimedia that easily catch someone’s eye. Localizing an image means incorporating local references such as pop culture, national icons, religious symbols, and more. 
  • Audio – Localizing audio content means re-recording content with a translated version so it reaches the targeted audience. 
  • Video – subtitling and dubbing is the method for video localization. 
  • E-learning – e-learning localization includes converting the source into local languages for local education. 

Why should use multimedia localization service

To appear to a global audience, translating the content is only the first step. Multimedia localization is the key to making content appealing and specific to the targeted audience. Localizing content is better using professional services for these reasons. 

Target the local audience

When your goal is to reach the local audience, there is nothing better than using a localization service. A professional subtitle and dubbing service has a profound understanding of the local culture so they avoid cultural mishaps. They can localize the content that provokes an emotional impact on the audience and transfer it across cultures. 

Accurate translation

The translation may be a piece of cake for some people however accurately translating content to a certain language is another thing. Localization service helps cut down risk due to copyright infringement and even violation of local laws. They are extremely helpful if you are not familiar with the local language but aim to reach the local audience. 

Some words may not be appropriate for direct translation to another language. For example ‘spill, the tea’ cannot be directly translated into Bahasa Indonesia as ‘tumpahkan tehnya’. Localization service knows the correct translation that fits the local language as well as cuts down unnecessary explanations for the mistake. 

Increase local sales

When you can reach the local audience, you can expect to increase local sales. These days’ people prefer going local which means they love to buy from the local community. You can increase the local sale when you can get to their side. Localization service helps to dub and subtitle your content to fit a certain purpose. 

Aiming the local audiences and market means you have to localize the content. Otherwise, people will not understand the video content you are presenting.

Ready to find Multimedia Localizationa service? Tujjumedia is a professional subtitle and dubbing service with a specialty in translating audio and video content. They can localize video content to fit your target audiences. The excellent team offers content translation to multiple languages. 

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