OMG! Human vs Machine Translation – Which is Better?

June 13, 2022

We all know that over time the free translation tools-AI to be precise-will surely grow. This makes AI increasingly take over the position of human translators because people prefer it. Especially in terms of affordability-as well as more instant. So which is the best between machine vs human translation?

To find out which is better between machine vs human translation. You also have to remember one thing-finding a professional human translator is a little tricky. However, their expertise in understanding and localizing languages ​​far outperforms machines. because they have real experience.

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The Difference Between Machine vs Human Translation

1. In Terms of Translation Accuracy

The first difference between machine vs human translation is related to accuracy. Have you ever heard the term "slang"? Well, even though a machine—in this case, "AI"-can translate, it can't do it accurately. Because AI does not understand that there is diversity in local culture, of course the meaning of the phrase will be different in each audience area.

This is inversely proportional to the natural expertise of human translators. Because it is certain that humans really understand and are quite familiar with various terms or the real culture around them, Machine translation can only translate general things, while human translators know the meaning of each word.

2. In Terms of Quality Fulfillment

The second difference between machine vs human translation includes aspects of translation quality. If you force yourself to create translated content without being an expert, this can damage the image you have built. because machines can't always translate professionally. There are many types of documents that require high quality, and of course machines can't keep up.

The AI couldn't understand how to style the document according to standards. There are times when the results seem stiff and the same for all types of writing. Therefore, human translators are still better because they are usually qualified experts who have been certified.

3. In Terms of Pressing Costs

In fact, those who choose AI are keeping costs down. They consider the price of human translator services expensive. In fact, they only play financially because they have to hire an editor to correct the translation results that are not quite right. Doesn't this just take a lot of time? Even with a human translator, you don't need to spend any more money.

4. In Terms of Official Certificates

Another reason why human translators are better than machine translators is that they are certified. Whether it's for medical documents or research. Even experts say that human translators are more accurate than machines that have absolutely no certification.

5. In Terms of the Ability to Send Quickly

Although it is true that individual human translators tend to work long hours, that doesn't mean it's your reason for choosing instant AI. There have been lots of mistakes. If you really need it fast, there's nothing wrong with using agency services like, where each expert works within the specified time limit.

Thus the discussion about which one is better between machine vs human translation. So, if you want a human translator who is definitely experienced, qualified, and professional. There's nothing wrong with visiting Tujjumedia is a service that always gives clients satisfaction with every translation result.

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