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June 13, 2022

There are still many who do not know that there are various kinds of translation services. Starting from translation, interpreting, dubbing, subtitling, and even media localization. In this article, we will discuss media localization, which is often equated with or substituted for translation tools. In one basic scope, that will probably show an overview of media localization. Actually, you can do a translation without doing localization, but every localization must go through a translation process.

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The Need for Media Localization

When you want to make a deeper connection with your target market or demographic, you can definitely benefit greatly from localization. It is meant to match a product or service in such a way that no one will feel that it is intentionally localized. The following are some projects that require media localization services beyond literal translation, as follows:

1. Website and Blog

In selling products or services, or simply providing various information, your website (and blog) needs to connect with your audience, listeners, and readers. Starting from fashion trends to entertainment, the inclusion of relevant cultural references is proven to increase engagement in conveying the connections needed to build trust and increase readers so that they require media localization services.

2. Product Information

When marketing and describing a product globally, you must be able to consider its location. For example, when translating from American English to British English, there may be different spellings of the same word. This is what requires special attention.

3. Game or Mobile Application

In 1989, "Zero Wing" was noted for its poor translation from Japanese into English. At first, this game only received bad comments from its users because of the funny phrases found in it. However, as time went on, it became the subject of jokes throughout the gaming community. With respect to format, layout, and aesthetic components, these can have a major impact on the user experience in games, websites, and applications.

4. Marketing Content

Advertising content is heavily influenced by media localization because slogans, taglines, and brand messages need to be conveyed while taking into account many specific contexts. In addition, advertisements often display idioms, metaphors, and satire to seduce the target market. When localization is not considered properly, it poses big problems for marketing. In fact, the logo may need to be changed if it doesn't suit the target culture.

5. Legal or Health Sector

Within an industry such as this, there is a high degree of specialization or special terminology that may differ by locality (e.g., medical journal articles as well as legal documents).

6. Social Media

Today, social media is critical to marketing and communications for a number of organizations of all stripes. Effective as well as accurate communication plays an important role on social media sites. You can find more examples. If the translation process only requires translators to do their job.

However, media localization will attract a lot of people from different professions, for example, engineers, who will ensure that the finished product provides the same customer experience in terms of localization. If you need a media localization service that understands your needs, is ready to help.

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