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June 13, 2022

Now it seems that the emergence of video content will continue to increase. Maybe an industry like dubbing is needed more and more. Netflix—the movie streaming platform, is one of the most sought-after companies to collaborate. Many dubbing vendors want to know how to become a Netflix preferred vendor. Even so, in reality, it won't be easy to achieve that there are several things that must be prepared. Let's see the full discussion.

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What Does Netflix Want From Dubbing Vendors?

Like any streaming platform in general, Netflix certainly has conditions that we must meet if we want to contribute. So from there, in this case—dubbing vendor—you might have to go through the evaluation stage. What does the evaluation stage mean?

Usually, Netflix preferred vendor needs to provide information about recording studio facilities. Does it comply with the security of their content? Therefore, generally, they need to do a review. They also have to sign an agreement. After that, content management permission will be granted. If you want, you can also add the Netflix logo as a partner on your website.

Does Netflix Need Dubbing Vendors in Each Region?

Many are wondering whether Netflix really needs dubbing vendors from each region. Before that, you should know one thing, basically, Netflix will send an invite to the preferred vendor. So this is quite dependent on the needs or slots of each existing region. It is possible that later it will develop according to the addition of new content.

3 First Steps to Become a Netflix Preferred Vendor

The following are some tips that you might be able to do to become part of Netflix preferred vendor list:

1. Try To Deepen The Role

If you want to become a Netflix preferred vendor, you must be prepared for all the responsibilities. As a dubbing vendor, you don't just read dialogue scripts. However, it is required to be able to absorb the "feel" of the character's voice. This aims to convey the feelings of the characters to the audience. So you have to be prepared to learn about the culture and background.

2. Provide Lots of Sound Samples

You must agree that it's only natural that Netflix is quite strict about choosing dubbing vendors because sound is the center of content. They will certainly assess how vocal a character you have. Therefore, try to prepare lots of unique and high-quality samples of different sounds.

3. Practicing with Dubbing Tools

When you decide to sample sound, make sure that the output is good and of good quality. But to get this, you must first understand how to use special dubbing software. Especially the features that can make the voice sound clear. So that later on the results of the dubbing will feel alive when juxtaposed with the characters. Don't forget to keep practicing your vocals.

If you want to become a Netflix preferred vendor, then the tips above can be applied right now.  Likewise, managed to gain Netflix's trust to dub their valuable video content. Tujju Media is a professional dubbing vendor in Indonesia who has been dealing with dubbing issues for a long time.  That's why, we'd love to be a part of anyone's content completion process.

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