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June 13, 2022

Are you currently looking for a reliable, professional, and trustworthy captioning service? As we all know, captioning itself is a process of displaying text on the screen, whether in the form of audio, film, video, or other forms. In simple terms, this process converts any file to text form.

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For information, you can find captions at the bottom of the screen. The purpose of captioning is to provide information, as well as make it easier for those with hearing problems to understand the content. In addition, by adding text to the content, this can reach a wider audience. Especially useful for improving SEO strategies

So, if you really need the help of a captioning service to organize your content, Please entrust all of this to Where we serve various video file formats to be converted into the text you want. For complete information, please see the following review:

Where is the Best Professional Captioning Service in Indonesia?

As we mentioned before, is one of the captioning services in Indonesia that you can rely on. Tujju Media is a professional captioning service provider that has helped many media outlets and companies. We always provide high-quality but affordable text services.

In addition, we also value your time, so we always complete projects quickly according to agreed-upon deadlines. You can send any type of file, including movies, audio, website videos, and other TV shows. Of course, we will serve you by preparing the best possible text.

That's why many clients return to Tujju Media because they work fast, always control quality, and offer affordable prices. If you use a captioning service, then you will experience many benefits, from expanding your audience reach to increasing your income.

What are The Types of Captioning Services Offered by Tujju Media?

For those of you who are curious about the types of captioning services available at Tujju Media, let's look at the explanation:

1. Closed Captioning

Did you know that closed captioning is the type of caption most often used by many people? How did it happen? Generally, this type of text will offer the audience options for viewing the text. Tujju Media itself can help you deal with closed captioning problems so that the user experience increases.

2. Open Captioning

Isn't text really important for everyone? That's why Tujju Media also provides open captioning services according to whatever language you want. Of course, open captioning is an important aspect of video, so we'll definitely finish it, even with a large selection of fonts and styles.

3. Automatic Options

You will really need help from automatic optioning if your content is related to the latest news, such as sports, TV programs, and others. Tujju Media has expert and professional captioners who listen to audio content and then convert it to text automatically. Even so, this also includes punctuation and other grammar.

Thus the discussion about captioning services in Indonesia, whose credibility you can trust. You can contact us directly to discuss cooperation in terms of captioning. Of course, we will be happy to serve you.

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