Subtitling vs Dubbing: Which is Better?

June 13, 2022

Subtitling vs dubbing have been a great debate even before the rise of global technology. Now that people have easy access to video content, the debate between subtitling and dubbing has become a serious issue. Providing subtitles or voice-over is a means of localization to reach and engage with audiences through speaking in their language.

The main question is which one is better to localize video content? Of course, there is no exact answer since there are lots of factors to consider when choosing one of the methods. Here are some scenarios that require subtitling vs dubbing.

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Viewers preferences

Some people choose a subtitle over another because it preserves the authenticity of the video. Subtitle allows them to enjoy the video in the original version without the additional voice-over. Some people also think that watching a video with subtitles helps them learn a foreign language.

However, subtitle does not work efficiently for people with lower literacy levels. There is a specific age group such as young children or the elderly who are unable to fast reading the subtitle. In this case, a dubbed video is the best choice so they can easily understand the video.

Viewers requirements

Understanding the viewers’ requirements makes it easier for the company to choose between subtitling and dubbing. You can adjust the localization method based on the target audience. Video for younger children or the elderly is best presented in dubbing while most adults choose the video with subtitles for various reasons.

Video criteria

Aside from viewers, it is also important to consider the video criteria. The subtitle is an added text on the video which is visible on the screen. It can occupy a significant portion of the screen and may not be suitable for a busy video. Some subtitles can be difficult to read if it appears with a similar color to the screen.

In case of a busy video or video with high color intensity, dubbing can be a better choice. A video with high information is also best served with voice-over.

Localization budgeting

Pricing is an important factor that cannot be omitted. In most cases, the subtitle is cheaper since you do not need to hire a native-speaking voice actor. However, pricing should not be the main consideration when choosing one over another. Choosing the right localization method based on the viewers and video content is a budget-wise choice.

Which one is better?

There is no straightforward answer because both methods have advantages and disadvantages to consider. You need to consider the targeted audience so that localization gives the expected results. Some people accept a dubbed video for a specific type of content. While others prefer videos with subtitles so they can enjoy the authenticity of the video.

It is also best to consider the type of video. People may enjoy voice-over for feature films but prefers subtitle for the instructional video. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the subtitling vs dubbing method. Tujjumedia offers subtitle vs dubbing services for any type of video content with accurate translation, proper timing, and broad language options.

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