The Difference Between Subtitling and Dubbing Must Know This

June 13, 2022

Currently, the world needs a lot of high-quality videos that can provide entertainment. Therefore, film producers have to work extra hard to market their products. Even so, broad marketing without a strategy to reach the audience in their language will be in vain. That's the reason dubbing and subtitling are needed.

One solution to solving content language translation problems is to utilize trusted dubbing and subtitling services. This method will also be very helpful if you need to be able to save time. So you don't need to take care of the translation yourself, just leave it to the services.

Apart from that, another reason why you need to trust dubbing and subtitling services is that almost 3/4 of consumers like this form of translation. They like to read or hear something in their local language.

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What Is the Difference Between Dubbing and Subtitling?

Basically, the subtitle itself is a text that contains a translation of the story in the language of the target country. Usually, the subtitle text will be placed at the bottom of the content.

While dubbing itself does not use text at all but makes use of the voice of the dubber, so that the audience can better understand the dialogue between characters by just hearing the dubber's words.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dubbing and Subtitling?

Both forms of translation also have many advantages as well as weaknesses. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these?

Advantages of Dubbing

The first advantage of dubbing compared to subtitles is in the sound. If the content uses dubbing, then viewers don't need to focus on the subtitles under the video. This is because the dubber's voice already contains or represents every piece of information in the story.

The second advantage is actually quite profitable for dubbers because they don't need to show themselves to the public. So that physical appearance is not really needed. In filling in the voice, the most important thing is the adjustment of the voice's character to the character's character so that it is more alive.

Weaknesses of Dubbing

The following are some of the disadvantages of dubbing video content:

  • Generally, many viewers are disappointed because the lip movements and speech speed of the actors do not match the voice of the dubber.
  • The budget to pay the dubber is quite high.

Advantages of Subtitling

The following are some of the advantages of using subtitles in video content:

  • The budget for making subtitles can be reduced compared to dubbing.
  • Subtitles will not damage the original audio or the original voice of the cast.
  • The audience can read the subtitles, which will also help them practice speaking.

Weaknesses of Subtitling

The following are some of the disadvantages of subtitles in video content:

  • Not everyone likes to read texts and has time to pay attention to them.
  • Some people find subtitles annoying.

Thus the discussion of the difference between dubbing and subtitling. In fact, these two forms of translation have their respective markets. So you should research the trend of content consumption in the target country. Well, if you need assistance with translation services, then don't hesitate to contact

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