The Importance of Accurate Captioning Services for Accessibility

June 13, 2022

Caption agency is a professional agency that provides caption service for video content. Adding caption is important to enhance the accessibility thus the video can reach global audiences.

Content accessibility is important because it is the key for people to find and watch your video. Captioning has become a vital part of video in recent years as it offers accessibility for all to understand the content. With all the benefits, many content creators choose to work with professional caption services. 

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What is captioning service?

Captioning service is a professional agency that offers caption creation services. They work with a different types of projects to provide accurate text format into video. The caption is believed to enhance the accessibility of the video. When it comes to accessibility, it means everyone without boundaries of age, gender, health condition, country, and other factors. 

Different from the subtitle, the caption is specifically tailored for deaf people or those with hearing disabilities. This means the text for the caption includes non-speech elements, especially sound effects so it is easier to understand. 

Why should use caption services to increase accessibility?

There is another option aside from the caption which is the subtitle. However, if you aim for better accessibility, the caption is the right option even though both include text in the video. Here are some reasons why you should use caption services to increase accessibility. 


Accuracy is very important for a caption. When audiences rely on the caption, you cannot give them misleading information because it leads to false interpretations. You will fail to deliver the message of the content. For a video caption, it should be at least 99% accurate so audiences will not fail to understand it. 

Working with caption service ensures that the captions are all accurate. There will be minimal mistakes in spelling, translation, and so on. This is because the service has the skill and knowledge they will not to create the caption recklessly.

Multiple language options

Adding a caption does not necessarily in the native language only. Some agencies also offer multiple language options which means they can translate the content into the written caption. You can request translation if you aim to reach global audiences. 

Proper tool

Not only accuracy, caption service also provide the proper tools for the projects. They will not use tools or software which are not suitable for caption-making. Using proper tools ensures that you get a high-quality caption. 

A high-quality caption should be readable with the right font size and format. It should not obstruct the video content. All these requirements can be achieved when you work with a professional caption service. 

Timely projects

While all projects are different, it is good to know that your projects are done timely. A captioning service handles different kinds of projects but they have a solid schedule to make sure that every project is all taken care of. 

Tujju Media is a caption service based in Indonesia. The agency mainly focuses on the caption, subtitle, dubbing, and voiceover service. With the high demand for video content, working with a caption agency ensures that you get all the benefits. It gives you accurate captions, translation options, and proper tools.

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