The Secret to Choose Subtitling Vendor

June 13, 2022

Video content has been in demand for the past few years. It serves multiple purposes from entertainment to marketing. Along with the growth of video content, the demand for subtitling services is rising. Providing subtitles becomes mandatory if you want to reach broader audiences and crawl better in search engines. The fastest way to add subtitles to a video is by hiring a professional subtitling vendor.

Subtitling vendor is a professional service that provides subtitles for video content. Choosing the right vendor is challenging because there are plenty options of for similar services but the quality is questionable. Here is some secret to choosing a subtitling vendor.

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Multiple languages

Professional subtitling vendors should be able to translate the video into multiple languages. Some vendors are only able to translate into English and other international languages. But you may need to find a service that can translate into local languages. More languages to translate mean more audiences to watch the video.

In addition to languages, the translation should be accurate. Do not go for less accurate subtitles because it affects the quality of the video. Inaccurate translation confuses the audiences and they will not be able to understand the meaning of the video.

Time coding

You may have seen subtitles that run ahead of the audience. The unsynchronized subtitle makes audiences difficult to catch up with the video. Make sure to choose a subtitle vendor that will time code the audio and subtitle.

Provide source script

A professional subtitling service should provide source scripts for the video even when you do not prepare one. The source script is essential to time code the audio so the subtitle with not run ahead of the audio. You can ask the subtitle service in case they already prepare the source script.

Multiple formats

Though there are lots of subtitle service not all of them provides subtitle in multiple formats. Some of them support certain types of video only. It is important to ask the vendor in advance what kind of video format they support. Just in case the subtitle service does not support the type of video that you wish to translate.


The subtitle service should have all the required elements of the subtitle. The subtitle should be simple and easy to understand. The text should be visible enough for the audience in terms of alignment, color, and fonts. The subtitle should help audiences to comprehend the video and not distract their attention.

Final words

When it comes to subtitling vendors, it is best to choose the local Tujjumedia that provides excellent service. It is not a matter of pricing, but it deals with the accuracy of the translation, perfect time code, source script, and scalability. Low-quality subtitle affects the quality of the video itself as well as affects the audience. As a professional subtitling service, Tujjumedia provides the translation in multiple languages and also local languages. They also support multiple video formats. So you can have any video translated into any desired language for various purposes.

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