Top Recommendation Christmas Movies on Netflix 2022

June 13, 2022

Welcome to the arrival of Christmas, it won't be complete if you haven't watched some of our recommended Christmas movies on Netflix. We will provide you with a list of the best film titles on Netflix to accompany your Christmas throughout this December.

Of course, don't forget that Netflix has big stars ready to cheer you up! There will be tons of new movies or other Christmas classics. Let's see 5 Christmas movies on Netflix that you must watch!

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Recommendation 5 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix 2022

Below is a list of some Christmas movies on Netflix that are sure to be fun ways to spend the Christmas holidays:

1. White Christmas

If you are a Hollywood movie buff, then you will love our first recommended Christmas movies on Netflix. What else is there if not White Christmas? It's an amazing classic musical—this movie tells the story of two sisters who get involved in a music and dance performance with two singers. The four of them are also trapped in a mission to rescue an inn that is almost bankrupt.

2. A Boy Called Christmas

All this time, we have always come across Christmas films that tend to put forward stories of comedy, romance, or cruel and horrific terrorist disappearances. So it's different with a film called "A Boy Called Christmas". The film released in 2021 is full of amazing magical things that tell the origins of Christmas characters.

3. Single All the Way

For those of you who like movies full of challenges and surprises, maybe Single All the Way will suit you. This film is actually one of the gay films. The film stars Michael Urie as Peter, who is going home for vacation.

Knowing this, his family is so excited that they are preparing to surprise him by setting him up! But he himself brought his best friend to be a fake boyfriend. On the other hand, his family arranged his date with a beautiful girl. However, Peter slowly realized that there was something different about his feelings for his friend.

4. Love Hard

Are you one of those people who is fed up with the usual "hot girl or hot guy" themed dramas? You want something different. It looks like Love Hard would be a good fit! Taking actor Jimmy O as a male actor who is not hot, this film tells the story of himself, who seduces the writer, played by Nina Dobrev. He was planning to surprise her. When he knows all the facts, they finally make a deal to be a fake couple.

5. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

The last Christmas movies on Netflix that we will present is Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. As in the quote, no matter who we are and what we face, remember that there will always be miracles in life. Likewise with this one film.

With a theme full of magic in the holiday season, this film tells about Forest Whitaker, who acts as a toy maker. He was betrayed by his own disciple to the point of almost losing hope. At a critical time like this, his grandson appears to help him get his Christmas wish.

So, that was the discussion about the list of Christmas movies on Netflix that you must watch at the end of this year. If you want more information, you can visit the website. There is a lot of other interesting information about the film.

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