Translator skills : Definition, Benefit, and Examples 2022

June 13, 2022

Translation career has become a potentially lucrative career considering there are lots of companies going global. More and more people need professional helps to communicate with customers across language and culture. Becoming a translator can be a promising career but you have to master the translator skills. 

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What is a translator?

A translator is a professional responsible for translating written text or video from one language to another, usually a local language. The work relies on advanced writing and excellent translation skill to make sure the translated text retain its original context. Professional translator understands the importance to maintain cultural relevance and linguistic accuracy by considering the context of the text and key references. The common task of a translator includes rewriting the original material to the target language, proofreading and making sure the translated edition is correct, and finding a translation for a specific term using dictionaries, thesaurus, and such. 

Translator basic skills

There are sets of basic skills to comprehend when you think about being a translator. In general, you should be able to demonstrate close to native fluency in two or more languages. Here are some basic translator skills you need to comprehend. 

Advanced language knowledge

Language knowledge is the most basic knowledge of a translator. You cannot become a translator without knowing at least two languages. Aside from your native language, you can learn international languages which are frequently used on many occasions such as Mandarin, Spanish, French, Arabic, Dutch, and many more. You should have a strong interest in foreign languages so you deliver an accurate translation. 

Writing skills

Other than language skills, a translator should have strong writing skills. You will not simply translate a text but also write in the target language. A translator needs to write with flair and across a variety of text styles. This is because different text style requires different translation and interpretation method, for example, promotional and marketing text is more persuasive while the technical or legal document is full of a specific term. 

Accuracy and attention to detail

Rewriting from one language to another is an art that demands accuracy and attention to detail. The experienced translator creates error-free translations compared to machine translators such as Google Translate. This is because a translator does not simply translate but also proofreads and fact-checks to make sure that the translation is correct and relevant. 

Culture knowledge

A professional translator is mostly familiar with a cultural understanding of the target language. This is important to make sure that the translation text fits the cultural appropriateness and communicates the ideas to the target audiences. Cultural knowledge is also important for a translator to recognize implied and literal meanings.  

Hire a translator for your content

With all the translator skills to comprehend, not everyone can become a translator. Thus hiring a translator is the key to making sure content is well-delivered to target audiences. Tujju Media offers translation services specific for video content in the form of subtitles or dubbing. You can now add translation to video content so that it delivers to the target audiences properly. 

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