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June 13, 2022

Localization is an important process of adapting content to fit the local language and culture. In case you have content targeted at Indonesian, adding subtitles and dubbing in the local language helps improve the success rate. Any type of content such as business presentations, e-learning courses, educational videos, feature films, daily vlogs, promotional videos, and many more should be translated into the local language.

While you understand the importance of subtitles and dubbing, choosing the right vendor is another issue. Tujju Media is a professional subtitle vendor specializing in providing subtitles and dubbing in Bahasa Indonesia. With years of experience in the subtitling and dubbing field, we guarantee you get the perfect translation for your content. If you want to get to know us better, here are some quick facts about Tujju media subtitle vendor.

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Professional subtitling formats

As a subtitle vendor, we provide professional subtitling formats that work for most content. Whether you choose Indonesian or English, Tujju Media is the answer. We adapt and synchronize subtitle format and also create subtitles from scratch. There are over 10 formats of subtitles available for your content. We will work out which subtitle that works best for the content and present you with the best result.

Available services

As the leading localization production company, Tujju Media offers several services with our three-most popular services as the following.

  • Subtitling – provides high-quality subtitles in any language written by a certified native translator. We give a real-time understanding of what is happening on screen through accurate subtitles. We provide closed and open caption translation, subtitling for production, and also SDH or subtitle for deaf and hard hearing.
  • Captioning – provides caption formats that fit the content using advanced and cloud-based technology.
  • Dubbing – crafting translation and carefully dubbing into the local language. We deliver the highest quality of audio to meet the industry standard.

Other services provided by Tujju Media include an audio book, commercials, voice casting, ADR, music and effect production and editing, game voice recording and localization, audio description, narration, audiobooks, and audio synchronization.


Aside from general subtitles and translation, we also offer subtitles for the deaf and hard hearing. This subtitle highlights the message and improves engagement with your videos. The SDH offers access to millions of people with certain hearing conditions, people who watch without sound, people whose first language is not English, and children. In addition, we can also add sign language to your video.

Reach your target market with Tujju media

There is nothing better than having the project in professional hands. Meet your dedicated project manager at our professional subtitle vendor. Language is an important part of communication. A video will not successfully reach the target market without adapting to the local language. It will be difficult for people to understand the message of the content.

Thus Tujju Media as a subtitle vendor offers the best service for the content. No matter the type of content or type of voice that you are looking for, we will look at it on our books or source it for you.

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