What Is Caption Services?

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June 13, 2022

The need for streaming texts is expanding as the expansion of remote meetings has suddenly increased dramatically. One service that can answer this need is caption services. Many media use it to increase audience engagement effectively.

Captioning provides text to support visual and audio content, which is then used in various media and applications. Moreover, there are two types of captioning that are generally used. If you want to know more about it, here is the review:

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What Is Caption Services?

Captioning is the art of transcribing the audio portion of a program, video, or event into text and displaying the text on the screen. Then, this text can appear on movies, television, computers, or smart mobile devices.

Most people who use captions are members of a deaf community, conference, program text, or event that is accessible to everyone. In simple terms, you may often see YouTube that offers an auto caption service.

With automatic captions, various videos on YouTube are easier to access. Unfortunately, the technology used is not always accurate in choosing the right text.

This can cause significant confusion for someone who relies on text to capture video content or cannot hear audio. Even though it provides instant and real-time captions, Automatic Speech Recognition only guesses the words spoken by the machine.

Therefore, you need captioning services, which are usually carried out by a professional captionist. The professionals are highly trained and understand the nuances of language thus bringing contextual human awareness and sensitivity to captioning.

2 Types of Caption Services

Closed and open captioning have a significant difference. But both are useful for increasing engagement with the audience and effective in conveying messages. Let's look at the definition and explanation of the two types of captioning below:

1. Closed Captioning

This is a type of caption that you can enable or disable. Generally, you can find this type of caption on YouTube, Disney+, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.

The way to create closed captioning is to use a special encoding on a custom caption file and upload it to the service as a separate file. Then, you combine and sync the captions with the video.

With separate files, caption vendors can easily correct, edit, or upload files if there are errors or changes. In general, this type of captioning is for considering someone with hearing difficulties or deafness.

2. Open Captioning

Unlike closed captions, you can't turn off open captions. This is because, in the open caption, you add the caption permanently to the video file, not separately.

So, when you finish uploading the open caption, you can't edit or change it. When there are errors or updates, you will have to recreate the entire video file.

Then, the open caption also does not require additional technical support after completion. This is because the open caption is only part of the video file, not a separate special text file.

That's a review of caption services that is interesting for you to know. There are two types that you can use, close and open captioning. To decide what type of captions to use, you have to decide what viewing experience your audience wants.

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