What is Media Localization? Why Do All Businesses Need It

June 13, 2022

For the content creator, localization goes beyond content translation. It is a practice to ensure that the message in a video is conveyed to the public in a way that they understand and identify with. These days, video content has become the most preferred type of media and there has been an increasing demand for subtitles and dubbing. 

Media localization becomes an important aspect of video content. All businesses should include localization for various purposes. Here is a brief explanation of multimedia localization. 

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Definition of Media Localization

Localization is the process of adapting content to suit new audiences. The process includes adding subtitles, captions, or voice from raw sources thus new audiences can understand the content easily. Media localization means that audiences listen to or watch content and feels that it is created with them in mind. 

Many types of content should be localized to reach new audiences. The common content is TV content, radio, podcasts, film, video content, and many more. Almost all aspect of business publications requires Media localization if aiming for global audiences. 

Why does your Business Need it?

All businesses need good media localization, especially those that aim to reach new audiences. Localization helps the audience easily understand the key messages in the content. Take that aside, here are some reasons why your business needs localization for all content or publication. 

Domestic and global positioning

Video content knows no physical boundaries thus it can be hard to find a solid position in the digital world. Media localization goes beyond content translation and includes culture, customs, and even religion into account. Localized content fits the ideal language for each country thus the message is conveyed meaningfully. 

Effective communication

Content in the same language as the audience makes wonderful communication. It likes two people communicating thus they understand each other perfectly. This results in content messages being delivered properly and audiences feel no hassle to understand them. 

Visual and language coherent

Communication representation is an important part of every business. In this case, Media localization includes synchronization of symbols, visuals, audio, and language to fit audiences’ interests. 

Fully optimized content

Content should be optimized to focus on specific needs and messages. Localization makes the content fully accepted by the audiences through many aspects. It communicates the message in a way audience would understand. 

Media localization is an important part of every business, especially when targeting a global audience. It makes video content fit the audience’s interest and communicates the message properly. There are many methods of localization but the common types for video content are subtitles, captions, dubbing, and voice-over. 

Hiring a professional localization service is the preferred method to include subtitles or dubbing to video content. Tujjumedia is a professional localization service that provides many types of localization for various video content. They offer more than 20 languages from local languages to foreign languages. Tujjumedia understands the advantages of localization thus they provide only the best service. 

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