What is the Role of Technology in Modern Subtitling

June 13, 2022

Subtitle tools are not a new thing. it has been there along with the presence of subtitles in films and videos. The expansion of digital platforms especially for streaming has allowed people to have access to any kind of content. This means more content needs to have subtitles than ever. Technology has been an important part of subtitle creation. Modern subtitling is made thanks to the advancement of technology. 

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The role of technology in modern subtitling

When it comes to subtitle creation, it goes more than just transcription and subtitle writing. There are other aspects to consider such as synchronization, language identification, speech recognition, and many more. Technology nowadays makes it easier for content creators to create subtitles. There are lots of software or tools to create subtitles automatically which makes the work easier than ever. 

Advantage of technology in Modern subtitling 

Though man-made subtitle is golden the creation still involves technology. The role of technology in Modern subtitling is huge. Here are some advantages of technology in subtitle creation. 

Speech recognition

Speech recognition is a breaking technological advancement. This is the technology that automatically transforms audio into text form. You may have been using it already through a smartphone but similar technology is also used in machine subtitling. This allows films or videos to automatically produce subtitles following the character's dialogue. The speech recognition technology is mostly used for subtitles in real-time such as during live streaming and live shows. 

Machine translator

Not only for automatic transcription but also technology makes it possible to make the automatic translation. Technology makes it possible to automatically translate subtitles into other languages. It is a great tool to use when you have limited sources and time to create subtitles. Despite the automatic feature, the quality and precision of machine translation are mostly lower than human-made. Thus you need to use the tool with caution.  

Language identification

Sometimes a language and others sound just similar to each other which makes it hard for transcription. This gets even harder when there is a mix of two languages in content. However, technology has made it easier for the creator to identify the language automatically. In addition, technology can identify two speakers and more.

Automatic synchronization 

Automatic synchronization allows creators to insert subtitles more timely and easier than ever. You can see such technology in a streaming platform such as YouTube where users can turn on automatic subtitles. 

Despite the quality of the subtitle, automatic subtitle has already replaced humans. Such technology is used when there is no subtitle provided for a film or video by the creator. That is why streaming platforms offer automatic subtitles for audiences. Modern subtitling has changed with the advancement of technology. In the old days, the subtitle is transcript manually while these days’ people can just turn on the automatic subtitle. 

However, if you want to have a high-quality subtitle and modern subtitling, it is best to hire a professional subtitling company such as Tujju Media. The machine-made translation is fast and easy but the result is not as good as a man-made subtitle. 

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