Why Is Localization Vital In Global Marketing?

June 13, 2022

Maybe many are still wondering why is localization is vital in global marketing. As we all know, localization itself is a long process of adapting content according to the targeted market share.

That said, content localization is one of the keys to global marketing around the world. Localization of content is not limited to culture and language but also includes local people's lifestyles. So, why is localization vital in global marketing?

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Why is Localization Vital in Global Marketing?

The following are some of the reasons why localization has an advantage in global marketing.

1. Increasing Profits

You may not believe it when you hear localization can increase profits. So, simply, this tactic is just trying to reduce investment costs—which ultimately saves expenses but still increases sales capacity. Only with the help of content localization can we cut budget spending. Moreover, localized content is easier for local residents to understand.

2. It Can Reach a Bigger Market Share

What will you get after localizing your product for a foreign market? Yes! You'll have an extraordinary experience—where localized products can break into new markets around the world! This means that your product is ready to appear in all global markets.

Plus, this localization will get more customers to the top! If this is the case, you need to provide assistance to customers while at the same time forming a customer's trust in your product.

3. Customers Want Content That Matches Their Desires

It's true that the original version of the content is good. It's just that sometimes there are customers who prefer content that has been localized to their culture. For them (non-natives), this type of content is more suitable to be enjoyed.

Recently, the market demand for local content has skyrocketed. However, it has decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is a pretty harsh fact in the world of content localization, it doesn't mean we can't move on.

Recently, the market demand for local content has skyrocketed. However, it has decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is a pretty harsh fact in the world of content localization, it doesn't mean we can't move on.

Listen to and understand any suggestions that come in. If we try to improve quality based on customer demand, we will surely succeed.

4. Able to Make Customers Satisfied

The saying goes, "The buyer is king." Therefore, when we have succeeded in 'capturing' customers, don't forget to make them feel satisfied with the product or service. Moreover, if most of the target market is dominated by millennials, the image of the user experience must be good.

There are many phenomena of product distribution originating from customers. In fact, satisfied customers will promote us subconsciously. They usually pass judgment on those around them. So that later, our market share will be formed through the community they create.

Thus begins the discussion about why is localization is vital in global marketing. Basically, this strategy will certainly lead to increased profits and customer satisfaction. I hope this article was useful!

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