Why Should You Choose Dubbing Over Subtitling?

June 13, 2022

Why should you choose dubbing over subtitles? As time goes by, more and more TV programs broadcast dub or subtitled films. Usually, dub or subtitled films are produced by foreign countries.

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Although the majority of people prefer films in their country's native language, there are still many people who enjoy dubbing or subtitled films. However, below are some reasons why should you choose dubbing.

What is Dubbing and Subtitling?

It seems that everyone is familiar with the term "subtitle''. The subtitle itself is a text that has been translated into another language. Usually, this text is at the bottom of the video.

Although it sounds simple, in fact, translating this text is not as easy as processing it via Google. In fact, it takes quite a long time and is difficult. Because translators need to watch the video content first.

As for dubbing, this term refers to the process of changing the voice from a foreign language to a local language. Generally, this series of dubbing is done by local residents. That is why when we are watching films produced in foreign countries, we will hear them speaking in the local language that has been dubbed.

Why Should You Choose Dubbing Over Subtitling?

Actually, there are many advantages to dubbing over subtitling. Among them, the audience finds it easier to understand the interactions between characters and the scenes that are happening. They don't have to struggle to understand the meaning of each word that is uttered by an actor or actress.

In addition, most audiences often watch movies while doing other activities. So, dubbing is very useful. Perhaps this is also the reason why more and more TV programs are dubbing their movies.

Even though many audiences have the opposite opinion. They say that dubbing makes the cast look unnatural (weird), with a lot of lip movements that don't fit, and the color of the voice doesn't match the character being played.

However, it should also be remembered that the texts read by the dubbers usually come from direct translations, not through the process of watching videos. That's why sometimes the dubbing results seem too standard.

It's a different matter with subtitles. Audiences need to keep an eye on the text on the screen at all times to understand the storyline in the content. So, they are forced to divide their focus on the text as well as the images they watch. This will make it a little difficult for the audience to enjoy the film.

Moreover, if the film is not English-speaking (most people like this language), For example, such as Chinese or Korean dramas, and then use English subtitles (not yet provided for local languages).

Of course, the locals had to translate the language twice. This step is quite inconvenient and less effective. However, the good thing is that reading subtitles is able to help the audience practice speaking.

That's the discussion about why you should choose dubbing over subtitles. In the end, choose dubbing if you don't like the hassle of translating the original language of the film yourself and choose subtitles if you want to practice speaking in various languages at the same time. We hope this article was useful!

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