Why Should You Use Tujjumedia.com as Subtitling and Dubbing Service?

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June 13, 2022

Compared to other types of content, video content catches the most attention. People nowadays prefer to watch a video as it is easier to understand and more engaging. With that in mind, it is only right to provide video content with subtitles or dubbing. Subtitle and dubbing help people easily understand the video that is not presented in their language. The subtitling and dubbing services come in handy since they make videos easier to understand with subtitles and dubbing.

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Finding subtitling and dubbing service can be quite a challenge. The options are diverse but finding the right one is not as simple as it seems. If you are looking for a way to level up the subtitle and dubbing, tujjumedia.com is the right service to go. Tujjumedia.com specializes in subtitling, captioning, dubbing, and voice-over. Here are some reasons why you should use tujjumedia.com as a subtitling and dubbing service.

Reasons to choose Tujjumedia.com as Subtitling and Dubbing Service

Trusted service

There is nothing better than working with a trusted subtitling and dubbing service. Tujjumedia is a professional platform with plenty experiences of subtitling and dubbing for films, TV series, games, content video, and many more. We have a profound understanding of a local culture so that the subtitle and dubbing on the video sound natural. Currently, we handle more than 4K title projects from many regions in South East Asia.

Ultra-secure cloud system

We understand that data security is your main concern when it comes to sharing video or film with a third party. In Tujjumedia, we only use watermarked films for launching projects. We also have IP tracking and VPN detection to make sure that your data in the cloud is secure.

Fast work

Adding subtitles and dubbing takes time, but we always work in a timely manner. We value your time as precious as ours so we work lighting fast. We employ more than 1K certified native translators to translate films and videos into any languages. The fastest working time for our service is as fast as 6 hours.

Multi languages

The main consideration when choosing subtitling and dubbing service is the language options. We have local and native translators in 6 countries and are able to translate to more than 20 languages. A film or video will have a higher chance to get more audiences when it is translated into various languages at once.

Competitive price

It is annoying when you are charged for an additional fee when hiring the service. tujjumedia.com provides a fair estimation of the cost of the project. The price of the service will be based on the length of the video or film.

High accuracy

Adding subtitles and dubbing should be accurate. Wrong translation leads to different meanings and causes misunderstanding. Tujjumedia makes sure that all subtitles and dubbing are accurate. To top it off, we also have 100% no piracy history so you can rest assured that the messages in the video will be translated as it is.

Choosing subtitle and dubbing services can be a challenge but tujjumedia.com is at a different level. We offer only the best service at competitive price and of course high accuracy subtitle and dubbing.

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