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Localize Your Content, Your Way.

Get your message to audiences around the world. We ensure that you're able to reach global audiences with the highest quality content translations.

Technology Based Media Localization

Utilizing machine learning to help develop content with computer-assisted translation fast advancing, artificial intelligence will continue to distribute localize information more efficient

Cloud System

Equipped with technology and quality control to support the project securely without download and streaming. 


NMT has turned into the biggest algorithm for converting text from one language to another.


Overcome the Barriers and
Limitations of Language

TUJJU is a global content localization platform with local cultural understanding to complete your story into any language through subtitling and dubbing

Faster and Secure compare others.
No Piracy History.
Original. Made by TUJJU.
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Subtiling, Captioning, Dubbing & Sign Language

The Leading of Localization Company,
We Bring Quality To Your Screen.

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How to Choose a Professional Subtitle Company?

Adding subtitle is essential to help people understand video content easily. Hiring professional subtitling companies is one of clever ways to add subtitle to video content. The right subtitle vendors should be able translate the video to any languages and maintain the ideal timework of the video.

Why Should You Use Tujjumedia.com as Subtitling and Dubbing Service?

Tujjumedia.com is a subtitling and dubbing service with high accuracy, fast working, and competitive price. They can translate any video to more than 20 languages and make sure your video is safe.

How To Choose Dubbing Vendors

Dubbing vendor is very important in post-production. Whether it be a presentation, podcast or radio production, tv production, movies, and theater...