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Get your message to audiences around the world. We ensure that you're able to reach global audiences with the highest quality content translations.

Technology Based Media Localization

Utilizing machine learning to help develop content with computer-assisted translation fast advancing, artificial intelligence will continue to distribute localize information more efficient

Cloud System

Equipped with technology and quality control to support the project securely without download and streaming. 


NMT has turned into the biggest algorithm for converting text from one language to another.


Overcome the Barriers and
Limitations of Language

TUJJU is a global content localization platform with local cultural understanding to complete your story into any language through subtitling and dubbing

Faster and Secure compare others.
No Piracy History.
Original. Made by TUJJU.
Visinema - Keluarga Cemara 2 X TUJJU
Subtiling, Captioning, Dubbing & Sign Language

The Leading of Localization Company,
We Bring Quality To Your Screen.

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Back in 2013BIG HIT Entertainment was a minor company helping BTS as a rising star to achieve success with their limited resources. By relying upon fan-made translations, BTS also helped form a bond within their fanbase, BTS Army, in South Korea as well as internationally. Thus, helping it to grow wider. By adding subtitles, content creators can make their message clearer and easier to be accepted by any audience, including the local ones. Therefore, subtitles will help content creators boost their engagement.

Game Localization

Video game localization is an adaptation process of video game products into other languages. The adaptation includes not only translation but also the specific embodiment of each culture. This allows video games to blend seamlessly into the international market. It develops native nuances in the game so that the players would fancy it more for they can see and hear things that they are familiar with as they play it. Thereby it shall reach greater international recognition and increase sales.

E-Learning | The World of Ed-Tech

E-learning has been proven as the future of education. It is the ultimate solution for learning during the pandemic and will continue to help us develop a better education to face the era of globalization. However, all these could not run effectively if we do not attempt to solve the inequalities as a challenge of digital globalization itself.
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