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Innovating to simplify order workflow

Fully cloud based system workflow with large capacities and an always-available dashboard for project management. The cloud infrastructure is ultra secure with multiple security layers to prevent content piracy.

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Client Dashboard

The client dashboard is designed to be ultra secure with a seamless experience from uploading, monitoring, and downloading completed projects.

Order management

Unlimited access to ongoing projects through a Dashboard.

Real-time progress

High-quality output and open communication by providing a real-time progress of what is occurring on the screen.

Cloud System

Cloud-based web application to create, edit and sync projects for videos. Equipped with AI technology and Auto Quality Control to support the project utterly secure without download and streaming.

Trusted by companies in SEA

TUJJU is a full-service localization company that specializes in helping clients tell their stories. We work with clients in the TV, OTT, film production, game, and advertising industries to create entertaining and effective content. Whether you're looking to create a new movie or develop an entire branding campaign, we can help you.


These are the most commonly asked questions about our services for T-Track. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us for more information.

How do I gain access to T-Track?

You must first become our client. Our team will immediately onboard and tutor you on how to use T-Track.

How long is the T-Track license valid for?

As long as you are our client, T-Track will always be active. This is a form of service from our company.

Are there any additional fees for using T-Track?

No, T-Track is a free platform that can only be accessed by our clients.

Do you accept customized requirements?

Yes, but there may be additional costs to follow your workflow or company needs.

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