Create Multilingual Subtitles with Ease Using Subtitling Maker

June 13, 2022

Subtitles become an essential element for videos and film these days. With almost no boundaries on the internet and the rise of streaming platforms, people get easy access to foreign films and videos. That is why adding multilingual subtitles helps in reaching a worldwide audience. Creating subtitles even in multilingual should not be a big deal because you can use a subtitling maker.

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What is a Multilingual Subtitle?

In general, a subtitle is a text version of the content in videos or films. It becomes multilingual when the subtitle is translated into two or more languages for international audiences. For example, you have a video in English and you add subtitles in French and Spanish. Now, your audience can choose one out of three languages in the video.

The process of creating multilingual subtitles is costly and time-consuming because you have to translate the content into other languages and add it to videos. With the advancement of technology, you can use a subtitling maker in case you cannot afford to hire a translator.

Types of Multilingual Subtitle

In general, there are two types of multilingual subtitles based on their characteristics. Here are the types of multilingual subtitles for videos and movies.

  • Closed captions – closed captions or CC is a type of subtitle in which the audience can turn the subtitle on/off as desired. This type of subtitle is not hard-coded into the video so they can choose the preferred languages.
  • Embedded subtitle – in contrast to closed captions, embed subtitle refers to a subtitle that is burned onto the video thus the audience cannot turn it on/off. The hard-coded subtitle is usually only available in one language. You need to create another video if you want to add a different language.

Creating Multilingual Subtitle

Creating subtitles with a subtitling maker is a piece of cake. It is a cost-effective and time-saving option to add subtitles to the video.

Choose The Software

There is plenty of subtitling maker software with different features. You can choose one that caters to your need in creating subtitles. In case you have no access to the software, online streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix also offer a subtitle feature so you can create one directly on the platform.

Transcription and Translation

Before adding subtitles to a video, you need to transcript the content. Transcription makes it easier to translate the content and minimizes possible mistakes. If you have the video transcript, then translate it into target languages. The translation for subtitles should be accurate because any mistakes will affect the audience’s understanding.

Adding Subtitles Into Video

When the translation script is ready, you can proceed with adding subtitles. There are three methods of adding subtitles which are upload files such as.SRT file, manually type in the video through the streaming platform, and auto-translate. One of the easiest ways to add subtitles is using a subtitling maker.

Other than using a subtitling maker, you can also hire a professional subtitle agency such as Tujju Media. You can get professional subtitles with high-accuracy translations for videos and films.

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