Dos and Don'ts of Video Dubbing and Subtitling

June 13, 2022

Shouldn't we optimize the dubbing and subtitling processes to increase audience satisfaction?

A good subtitle or dubbing should be able to make the audience feel a memorable experience while watching the content. They should be able to imagine the language in the content like their local language. 

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So, what are the dos and don'ts for dubbing and subtitling videos?

What to do While Dubbing

1. Have a Strong Intention

There have been many examples of successful people who started their careers with intentions. Well, in order to dub well and compete with other dubbers, we need to have strong intentions and determination.

2. Continue to Practice Dubbing

It is common knowledge that reading practice as well as processing intonation and articulation is the best solution. This activity can also help us to find a suitable voice character when dubbing.

3. Getting used to Taste Activities

Why do you need to get used to taste activities? Because this exercise is able to make it easy to characterize emotions very well. It can even increase focus so that the character of the voice is in accordance with the role being carried out.

4. Getting used to Body Workout

Has the benefit of relaxing the body, this is the main reason why before dubbing the dubber should exercise the body first.

What not to do While Dubbing

  • Drink less water but mostly drink alcohol (which is caffeinated too).
  • Consuming too much oily and coconut milk.
  • Stay up late.
  • Not often exercise the senses and the body.
  • Smoke.

What to do While Subtitling

  • Expansion: The process of removing ambiguous or gray meaning sentences (usually this event occurs when the culture is different so the grammatical order changes too).
  • Paraphrase: Rearrange the sentence structure due to grammatical grammatical differences.
  • Transfer: Useful when correcting dialogs that tend to be long in duration.
  • Imitation: If you want to keep the sentence form the same, then imitation is the solution.
  • Transcription: It's not meant as an activity to convert voice to text, transcription here refers to the matching of the sound of the subtitle text (as in homophones).
  • Dislocation: Dislocation is useful as a 'word option' when doing a translation which turns out to have a better meaning than the original word.
  • Condensation: In order to keep the subtitles straightforward and effective, we can use the condensation method to 'compress' the subtitles.
  • Decimation: The process of cutting the meaning of a word or sentence that aims to optimize the duration of reading the text by the reader.
  • Deletion: A method of removing dialogue (which is considered inefficient) and can be described through other media such as images in videos.
  • Resignation: A useful method when a text cannot be described directly using other media.

What not to do While Subtitle

  • Don't split the subtitle into 2 lines when the number of characters is more than 42.
  • Split subtitles more than 2 lines.
  • Don't maintain intact linguistics.
  • Exceeded the average read speed limit (more than 20 characters per second).
  • Too much trim the meaning of the subtitle sentence.

That's the discussion about what are the recommendations and prohibitions for dubbing and subtitling videos. Hope this article was useful!

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