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June 13, 2022

When you think of localizing video content, subtitling and dubbing should be the right option. There is a long debate between subtitling and dubbing however there is no fixed answer. The option depends on what you need for the video content. Both subtitles and dubbing have the same purpose to translate a video but in a different way. Here are some advantages of dubbing and subtitling service.

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The rise of dubbing and subtitling

In the past few years, most streaming platforms upload original series and films from a foreign language. Adding subtitles and dubbing over video content is a way to help people who do not speak the language understand the content. Nowadays, streaming and entertainment companies add both dubbing and subtitling so people can choose the translation. This is not the case in the past years because video content is not as hyped as today.

The combination of dubbing and subtitling becomes a new phenomenon for its benefits. In general, both methods provide translation so people understand video content in a foreign language easier.

Advantages of dubbing and subtitling

While dubbing and subtitling offer individual benefits but in some cases, it shares the same advantage. Whatever the choice, adding the translation to a video should be carried out by a professional vendor. Here are some advantages of dubbing and subtitling service.

Choices for viewers

Everyone has preferences when watching videos or films. Some people prefer watching video content in the original language with subtitle while some other prefers watching the dubbed version. Adding both subtitle and dubbing give them the choice of how they want to watch the video. This makes your video content customizable for different viewers.

Dismiss language barrier

Subtitle and dubbing service has a wide scope of languages. They can translate the video into multiple languages of your choice. Providing multiple translations for video content means more options for viewers. People from different nations and languages can understand the content. Thus translated video has a higher chance to reach broad viewers.

Emotional attachment

When people understand the content of a video, it creates an emotional attachment. They comprehend the message of the video translated into their language. Dubbing and subtitle make viewers focus on the video content since they can comprehend the message in their local language.


Compared to re-creating video in multiple languages, added translation in the form of dubbing and subtitle is less expensive. You do not have to find voice-over talent and other professional staff because the subtitle and dubbing vendors handle all the projects.

Subtitle and dubbing are beneficial not only for viewers but also for the company. It is a great way to pass the message in the content in an effective way. Tujjumedia.com is a professional dubbing and subtitle service that provides translation of video content into multiple languages. With a team of professionals, they work promptly to translate video content through subtitles and dubbing. Accuracy of subtitles and dubbing is their main priority hence you can expect a robust translation

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