How to Process of Creating Subtitles for a Movie

June 13, 2022

The subtitle has been a very important part of a film or video. It helps audiences to understand the content easily. In general, subtitles may look like just text displayed at the bottom of the screen but the process of creating subtitles for a movie is rather complicated. This is because there are lots of steps to create a perfect subtitle that synchronize well with the film. Here are some basic steps for creating subtitles for film and video. 

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Subtitle creation starts with transcription. You cannot just simply write subtitles out of a film and video without transcribing the audio element. For this step, you need to listen to the audio and write out what you hear on a document. You can use software for audio transcription but you can just do it manually. The transcription file is then used for creating subtitles, captions, translating, and even recording in new languages. 

Transcription is a very important step because you will have the material for subtitle-making from this. In case there are inaudible words, you need to use context for example homophones and phonetics. For an accurate transcription, you may need good headphones to focus on the audio. 


Timestamping is a process of adding markers to the transcript so you know when to add subtitles to the video. The subtitle should be perfectly matched with the correct scene of the film and video. Thus you need to make sure to add it at the right time. In addition, a subtitle should be added when the characters’ lips are moving. It should be added at the beginning of a scene and then remove at the end of the scene. 


The translation is the process of converting the transcript into other languages. This is an important step if you want to localize a film or video. You can omit the process if the subtitle is written in the native language. 

When it comes to translating subtitles, it is important not to translate a sentence because you need to consider the context, characters' expressions, and such. In some cases, you also need to consider cultural references and puns to make them more relevant to the audience. 

Writing Subtitle

Writing subtitles refers to creating subtitles to get code into a file or video. In this step, you need to make sure that the subtitles have followed the correct audio file and are written in the right timestamp. Make sure to follow the directions when creating subtitles for a movie for example a font style, size, subtitle placement, and many more. 


Before launching the subtitle, it is important to edit and make sure that everything goes correctly. Watch multiple times to check if the subtitle has been displayed correctly. It should not disrupt the film and video and is easy to understand at the same time. 

Creating subtitles for a movie is not easy but you can always work with a professional subtitle agency. Tujju Media offers subtitle and captions services for films and other videos. Working with a professional subtitle service is sure easier because you know the experts in the field are working on the projects.

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