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June 13, 2022

Are you currently looking for professional subtitling companies in the USA? Indeed, we can not deny that lately the demand for subtitles for content has been increasing. Almost all industries that require subtitle or transcription services are involved in audio and video media.

This is also because subtitling can be a way to help deaf audiences or those who have hearing problems be able to enjoy content. So where can you find professional subtitling companies in the USA?

The answer is none other than the company Tujju Media. What is Tujju Media's subtitling company? Tujju Media is engaged in content localization, be it text, video, or audio. The company is a leading localization company in Southeast Asia. Where we always create great content in various languages through the great hands of translators.

Tujju Media itself also caters to clients who want to tell their own stories and have them localized. Therefore, we work with various digital industries. Starting from content for TV, movies, games, and even advertising content. If you want to build a new business through branding, Tujju Media will help you.

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Why Should Tujju Media Subtitling Companies Provide Services?

Below are some reasons why you should use Tujju Media as the best subtitling company:

  • Everyone works fast in 6 hours.
  • There has never been a history of pirating.
  • Is a specialist in a particular SEA language.
  • Guarantee the security of the client's cloud system.
  • Have quality translations of world-class content that competes.
  • Have local translators from six countries.
  • Can translate into many different languages.
  • Offer competitive and affordable service prices.

How Many Projects Have Been Done?

For the number of projects that have been entrusted to us, there are approximately 10,000. We have worked on many projects because we have succeeded in building trust with our clients through the loyalty and quality that we provide.

How Many Languages Are Available?

Tujju Media offers a large selection of languages, consisting of 20 different languages. Where there are a thousand experts and trained translators who will complete your valuable content.

How Many Clients Trust Tujju Media?

Because we always support our clients to achieve success both locally and globally, they always come back to us. Currently, there are around 30+ clients who always trust Tujju Media's services. Whether it's to take care of TV content, creators, or even in other industries,

How Many Translators Are in Tujju Media?

As we have seen in spoilers before, currently, Tujju Media consists of a combination of translators that reach a thousand people. where they are certified high-quality translators.

What is Tujju Media's Subtitling Companies Mission?

So, what is the real mission of Tujju Media's subtitling companies? Tujju Media have a vision to become the best, most recommended, and most respected localization and translation company worldwide. Where we continue to have high integrity in serving various giant media. We will always utilize this talent to help you leverage the highest financial value in the global market.

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