Subtitling Services for Every Budget: A Guide to Choosing the Right Company

June 13, 2022

Of course, you are no stranger to subtitling. Especially for film workers who really need subtitling companies. The definition of subtitling itself is a translation of a film's dialogue written at the bottom of the film. The subtitling function is to help the audience enjoy films, both documentaries and drama stories, action films, and so on.

Translation Process

In subtitling, the translator is faced with a phenomenon the source text is dialogue, which is supported by place settings, expressions, and musical illustrations. The translation process is not as easy as one might imagine.

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The translator needs to make adjustments in determining the strategy, translation goals, and translation methods. For this reason, film workers are advised to choose professional subtitling companies that can help maximize the film. In the following, there are 18 types of translation techniques!

  1. Adaptation
  2. Amplification (amplification)
  3. Borrowing
  4. Kalke (calque)
  5. Compensation
  6. Description
  7. Discursive creation
  8. Common equivalent (established equivalence)
  9. Generalization
  10. Linguistic amplification (linguistics amplification)
  11. Linguistic compression (linguistics compression)
  12. Literal translation (literal translation)
  13. Modulation
  14. Particularization
  15. Reduction
  16. Substitution
  17. Transposition
  18. Variations

Things to Consider in Choosing a subtitling companies

When watching foreign films, of course, we pay a lot of attention to the intent and meaning of the dialogue spoken by the actors. This is if we see special films in foreign languages that are not replaced.

Indeed, there is a special sensation when we watch a film that uses the original language of the player. This is because we will know firsthand how the intonation and original voice of the player are. It is the intonation and expressions uttered by the players that can affect the mood of the audience.

For this reason, it is very important for film workers to choose good subtitling companies. If not, even though the film is good, the audience will find it difficult to understand the storyline, and in the end, it will not give satisfaction to the audience. The following are things to consider before choosing the services of a translator:

  1. Subtitling translations must be concise and fit the context.
  2. Can communicate as simply as possible.
  3. Don't put too many characters in one line when creating an article.
  4. It is necessary to consider the average speed of the audience when reading subtitles.
  5. Subtitles must match the speed of the scene displayed on the screen.
  6. Pay attention to grammar.
  7. Proper division of lines, to make it look neat and not like an irregular mixture of words.
  8. It's not permissible to cut names, numbers, abbreviations, expressions, etc. Especially those that make it difficult for the audience.
  9. For viewers who like to watch foreign films, subtitles are very important. Especially if the film is good, the subtitles must also be balanced so that the film can be well received.

There are quite a number of things that must be considered by film workers before choosing the right subtitling companies. Moreover, there are quite a lot of subtitling techniques, so film workers must really have good and professional subtitling companies. If you are a film worker who needs subtitling services, then is the right choice. You can be sure that you will get a translation that is suitable and does not make it difficult for the audience.

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