Benefits of Using Subtitle and Closed Captions to Learn English

June 13, 2022

There are many ways to enhance your English proficiency. One of the effective ways is through watching English movies or videos. Several studies reveal that watching movies in English is effective to improve English comprehension. However, some people find it hard to watch movies without subtitles and closed captions. 

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While listening to the original dialogue enhances your listening ability however some people prefer using subtitles to help with language learning. There are two options for subtitles for movies that are subtitled in English or the local language. If you aim to improve English proficiency, subtitle and closed captions in English is the best option. Here are some benefits of using subtitles and closed captions when watching a movie. 

Correct pronunciation

Pronunciation is a difficult part of learning English. It gets even more difficult when your native language has a strong accent. You can read books perfectly or write flawlessly in English but pronunciation takes time and repeated practice to get the correct English pronunciation. When watching movies in English using a subtitle, you can listen to the correct pronunciation and spelling. You know how a particular word is used in conversation. 

Improved reading speed

When watching a movie with subtitles and closed captions, you will not only improve pronunciation but also enhance reading speed and comprehension. You will learn English by reading when watching movies with subtitles. First, you listen to English conversation through the situational scene and second you read the subtitle while observing the scene. Over time, you will develop faster reading skills as well as sharper comprehension levels. 

Enrich vocabulary

Watching movies with English subtitles is expected to improve vocabulary and spelling skills. Through this method, you will be engrossed with a storyline that includes new words that you never heard of. You will become more aware of the words used in the movie and it gets easier for you to memorize them. 

Though it is not the first time you watch the movie, chances are you get to know new words each time you watch the movie. Also, you do not need to worry about the spelling because it has been spelled out loud. 

Learning English through subtitles and closed caption

Subtitles and closed captions are great if you aim to learn English. There are lots of advantages of subtitles that you can get. However, subtitles may not be for everyone because some people prefer watching with voice-over or dubbing. Anyone who learn English or other languages should make use of subtitle to improve language proficiency. 

Tujju Media is a professional subtitle and closed captions provider. We provide subtitles in English and the native language as preferred. To provide excellent subtitles, we hire professional translators and transcribers so you can expect high-quality subtitles for movies or videos. We handle any genre of movies and video and source the best team and tool. We understand that subtitle serves more than just a simple text bit as learning media. 

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