How Future of the localization Industry 2023

June 13, 2022

At the end of 2022, the localization industry will indeed be booming. Today, the localization business has indeed become a field that is increasingly being pushed forward with various strategies, data, and innovations so as to gain progress comparable to that in software development or marketing. If you want to move forward, of course, the localization industry must follow trends to be able to make future-ready business decisions.

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Is the Localization Industry Important?

Localization is one way to introduce local products to viewers in a more specific way. Introducing this local thing as well as cultural references, layout, colors, units of measure, images, and much more.

Things that are shown to viewers about localization must indeed be made like really authentic local products. Taking this approach means companies can connect with local audiences, capture their attention, and talk about what's important to them, even about global strategy.

Localization services in the future will certainly adopt current conditions, which are dominated by various online service features. Thus, localization gives businesses more options to reach international customers. For example, there is now such a thing as online shopping. By 2025, the e-commerce market is expected to grow by 6.7% in just five years.

Shoppers will increasingly be accustomed to ordering localized products from their homes. Even though local businesses rarely meet their customers and partners directly, with this localization service, the audience will have the same experience as when they met.

The Future of the Localization Industry

When we talk about the future of localization, many people think of robots working and translating thousands of words in a matter of seconds. However, of course we can't predict what trends will be prevalent in the coming years, right? CAT tools, advances in tracing, and instant communication are just a few examples of how technology has made human life so much simpler.

Throughout the digital era, business is no longer limited by physical boundaries. Any company, big or small, now has a great opportunity to go global. As time passes and technology advances, localization will become much faster, cheaper, and more global.

Everything has to be taken care of quickly so that the business stays ahead of the competition. Apart from speed, translators also have to deal with the second element, namely cost. The industry is growing, but for translation and localization services to remain competitive, they must become less expensive.

In the translation industry, automation is a must. This is what allows language service providers to maximize workflow and save time and money on each new project. But with the introduction of more modern technology, it will become much more reliable, cheaper, and faster.

So in conclusion, the future is expected to be a combination of smart devices and experts working together to produce reliable readings at affordable prices. So, for localization, it's possible to follow its development, right?

So, to find out more about how the localization industry can develop, you can consult with  Of course, we hope that modern industrial progress can now accompany or partner with the localization industry.

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