How to Choose a Video Captioning service in Indonesia

June 13, 2022

Video captioning has been an important part of video content. Despite the purpose of the video, captioning provides translation for the audience to easily comprehend the content. Video captioning service provides professional translation and synchronization for video content. It can be a tough job to choose the right captioning service in Indonesia when the options are huge. There are basic factors to consider when choosing the service as the following. 

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Transparent pricing

Pricing should be the first thing to consider when choosing a captioning provider. There are lots of works incorporated in the process of video captioning which makes the cost becomes expensive. Different providers charge the captioning process in different methods. Some enterprises may charge based on the length of the video while others charge in a flat price method. 

Make sure to ask about the pricing scheme in the first place before other factors. If you are okay with the pricing, then proceed with the next step. You can also ask for the detail of the payment if necessary. 


While there is no fixed process on how to make a video caption but you can ask the provider. In general, there are some processes of video captioning which are ASR and crowdsourcing. You can ask the provider what methods they are using to insert a caption in the video. Knowing the captioning process gives you expectations of the result. 


Pricing and process is the basic consideration, add integration to the list. Integration makes it easier for you to work on a different platform. YouTube integration and other platforms streamline the workflow so you can get more videos to process. the most important thing is the captioning service should be able to provide integration video to your platform. Thus, you do not need to do a further job to integrate the video. 


In addition to integration, a video should be easily accessed on different platforms from streaming platforms to social media. This means the transcription file should be in a format that can be easily used in multiple formats. The captioning provider should be able to provide a transcription file that is compatible with any purpose. 


A fast and affordable transcription process is what every content creator needs. However, accurate work speaks different levels because it shows the quality of the video. The video should be transcribed with high accuracy so the audience can easily understand it. People understand the message on the video through the caption thus inaccurate translation will cause misunderstanding. 

Hiring a video captioning service is only for the best. Having a professional service to provide translation for the video will increase the quality and help people easily understand the messages. The options of captioning providers are tremendous but look no further than Tujjumedia. 

Tujjumedia is a professional captioning service for any video content. We provide subtitle, caption, and dubbing services for any purpose. With a professional team, we make sure you get fast and accurate work at an affordable price. We are the leading captioning provider in Indonesia. 

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